Sunday, October 23, 2011

E'erybody's Tumblin'

Been spending alot more time scouring Tumblr for kinky content and random niftiest these days so, if you haven't already, please take a peek over at my Tumblr point of presence.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What is Hollywood *Really* Selling - Buff Chris Evans in the Buff, Bloody Kellan Lutz

Not sure what to make of this, but the search query "Chris Evans nude" (and, less frequently "Chris Evans in bondage") has been popping up in my blog stats readout lately...

Of course, Chris Evans is the same super-soldier stud who came out on top in my "Hollywood Movie Studs in Bondage" poll (to figure out who everybody wants to see in bondage, of course!) and the release of Captain America, I'm sure, helped bump up his overall searches: i.e. "chris evans shirtless", "chris evans workout", "chris evans captain america" - hell, even the typical "chris evans gay" and "chris evans alien" queries probably spiked in the last two weeks. (no dis to Chris Evans' hot and gay brother, Scott Evans, apparently on One Life to Live and who Chris describes as "taller and tanner" than he is...YES PLEASE!)

Hot Hump-Day Craigslist Story

The stud over at Breeding Jock keeps a tidy pic clutter, video clips, distracting banner ads.  Just little snippets here and there peering into his psyche, polls on sexy subjects, etc.

...and then there was this post:

Craigslist Hookups Can Be Successful

and I wasn't sure if I would get a recap of sexy ads found recently, or a quick blurb about a recent foray into the seedy underbelly of craigslist "sex with no strings attached" ads or what.

I dunno what to think.

Read for yourself


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DeathGames in the "Arena" - Kellan Lutz Abducted, Tortured & Forced to Fight

Hats off to my favorite non-kinky blog  Io9 for bringing my attention to this little doozy of a flick with the headline:  "Watch Samuel L. Jackson Kidnap Young Men and Make Them Fight to the Death"
The new movie, Arena (October 2011) is about a madman who kidnaps fit young alpha-male types and forces them to fight in online death matches.  It's been compared to an updated Spartacus: Blood and Sand or a low-tech Gamer but all I really care about is that it stars hollywood uber-stud Kellan Lutz (Twilight, Immortals, 90210, etc.) as David Lord, a particularly athletic firefighter, who's kidnapped and tortured into taking part in these ongoing webcast death-matches against other presumably coerced studs.

Friday, July 29, 2011

SockGagged Flashback: Dakota & a bud

SockGagged Flashback: Hunter Roped & Worked Over

 Hunter was a handsome, masculine buddy of Ethan's who came by the house on several occasions to get his athletic bod all tied up in various predicaments and worked over.  He turned out to be pretty tough - takes a good deal of abuse to get much protest out of him.

 ...oh, and he's got a nice ass :)
More Hunter after the jump...

Barbarian in Bondage - My Hopes for the Conan Re-Boot

I gotta say, the world of sword-n-sandal epic has been sorely hurting lately...maybe it was the horrific flop that was Prince of Persia that cooled the market for such stuff, or maybe it was the eyebrow-raising comedic antics of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in his last outing as the Scorpion King that is deflecting any serious interest away from truly epic warrior swordsmen action films, but the material has been lacking.

Compared to the all-out media blitzes for films like Super 8, Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America and even Cowboys and Aliens so far this year, I'm not sure what to think about the Conan the Barbarian re-boot coming out in only a couple weeks with comparatively little marketing, so far anyway.

One towering beacon of hope, however, is Conan's lead, gargantuan stud, Jason Momoa.  He's really filled out since his Baywatch: Hawaii days...

SockGagged Flashback: Cole Tied & Molested

Lean blond Cole is one of Ethan's younger jock buddies and found himself tied up and worked over in a handful of Ethan's vids.  Cole's boyish looks and tendency to whimper and struggle alot made him pretty popular on the SockGagged site.

SockGagged Flashback - Ethan Restrained & Abused

Presenting an all-time favorite BDSM victim: Ethan from SockGagged...homespun bondage between Ethan and his other young jock buddies in the backwoods.  Ethan was frequently tied, edged and milked, gutpunched, nipple tortured, flogged and tickled.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too Kinky for Grindr (?)

So with my recent foray into the world of Android, I have been experimenting with using my phone for all sorts or random things...purely for research purposes, of course ;-)
One of my fascinations has recently been with Grindr and a few other apps which use hybrid location data (i.e. GPS, cell tower triangulation and wi-fi hotspots) to make connections (Radar for Adam4Adam, and Manhunt Mobile, specifically).

I think I might've downloaded and installed the Grindr app a week ago, maybe a whole week, and already I am banned.  Apparently it's OK to cruise random strangers for sex, as long as there is no actual mention of sex, or sexual practices, fetishes or kinks, adult hobbies, gear, devices, toys, etc.   My bad for not reading the Terms of Use/Service or at least Googling "grindr censorship" (TRY IT HERE) before installing the p.o.s.

To my recently formerly new-found ex-grindr buddies, I bid you adieu - parting is such sweet sorrow.

So is there no "uncensored" hook-up hunting app out there? And if not, why?  Certainly there are kinky developers, kinky companies willing to put up the dough and kinky subs (subscribers, get your mind outta the gutter!) willing to download and run the apps, so where is the supply side of the equation?

Anybody got any suggestions? an app they're using and like, or an app in development in need of a beta tester?  I want pics, I want to search and sort geographically and by vital stats (age, at the bare minimum) and it would be helpful if there's a link to deeper content (extended profile, picture gallery, social media or webpage/blog link) allowable or built-in.  It doesn't even have to have built-in messaging, if it would just interface with AIM/Yahoo IM or native sms messaging in my phone.

Am I demanding? Hell yes, sometimes.  Do I get what I want? You bet, every time (eventually).

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mason Wyler back in the XXX Saddle!

I'm officially announcing my one-man campaign to get recently former porn star Mason Wyler back into adult entertainment, by hook or by crook.

You may or may not have heard of the controversy surrounding his departure from Next Door Studios, which may or may not allegedly be related to the revelation of his status as HIV positive, but this isn't the forum to discuss that, so if you want more background, I can direct you to Mason's own blog or any of the umpteen-bazillion other sites that have covered the events as they've unfolded.

Mason himself has declared his adult career "dead" but I wouldn't count the sexy little fucker out just yet.  Yes, Mason, you're a person, but your persona is a brand, a product, a commodity.  When the greatest and best products out there hit a bumpy patch, when everyday brands lose a little luster in the media, what do they do? They reinvent, they diversify, they get back in touch with the basics and core strengths and they do everything they can to nurture their "super fans" - that core group that keeps rooting for them all along, through every trial and tribulation.

I got plans for Mason Wyler...granted, they involve gratuitous amounts of bondage, loads of edging and cock teasing, and an ample helping of serious tickle torture, but I think, in the end, he and his career will come out stronger and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Email me, Mason.  My camera batteries are charged, and I promise not to leave any marks on that hot little bod of yours.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Thanks for 100K Visits!

At some point last week, in the hub-bub of work, I failed to notice that we surpassed 100,000 blog visits.  Here's some belated thanks for all you telling your friends, reblogging, putting up links to my blog, etc.
It's a TEAM effort ;-)

Smartphone + Dumb Jock = Tasty Pics

...a continuation...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Day - It's All About Freedom

Freedom...The freedom to do this to your bud, or have this done to you, or do this to yourself.

Here's to another year of not taking that freedom for granted.  Run out and celebrate with some kinky shenanigans, ASAP!