Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...and that's when I had my way with the swim coach: My Playtime with "Ian"

This beefy italian jock appeared a few times on Boundguys and Capturedguys about a decade ago.  Little did I know, he was a resident of the Chicago area at the time (and an ardent Cubs fan).  Sexy, a little cocky & full of himself and apparently prefers to play dom, at least when there's not a camera involved - but he's a good guy coaching young swimmers in his spare time.  He appeared on Boundguys as "Ian" so we'll go with that - names changed to protect the guilty and all that jazz.

Well anyway, our paths actually crossed a couple times a few years back, and I've recently re-discovered the pics to prove it ;-)  Check 'em out, after the jump...

He was nice enough to provide his own gag for this encounter :)
Yes, his bod is as tan and smooth as it looks.  He's ticklish too, but I doubt he tells the boys he dominates.  I shot some video too, but for whatever reason I had the radio on...was probably to keep the neighbors from wondering what the whimpers and grunts were all about.  How about a nice round of applause for "Ian" (he can't clap, his hands are tied at the moment)

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