Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Tex - Gentle Giant with a PIGGY Side

Never knew a whole lot about this guy really.
You know how sometimes you mess around with a guy and in retrospect you could SWEAR he was straight...or married...or in the witness protection program?  Yeah, this guy was maybe all of the above - I never quite put my finger on it, but I'm sure that was all part of his charming plan.
What I do know?  He's a biggun' about 6'4" but broad-shouldered, dark-featured, solid triathlete.  Cleancut, all-american jock next door with a furry chest, a swingin' piece of beef-stick and a laid back demeanor (hiding a kinky, perverted, twisted little masochist sub boy deep down inside).  Likes baseball, beer and havin his hot fuzzy ass played with relentlessly.  And did I mention he's a Texan? Gig 'em Aggies!

Some guys say bigger dicks are less sensitive.
(see what I did there?)
I think you just gotta know how to apply the right amount of stimulation -finesse it a bit, ya know?

I'm a push-over for nipple play, and when a guy's got a chest like that, how can you NOT have fun with his nips, manhandle and pound on them pecs??

An ass like this makes for primo spankin', don'tcha think?

Ah, yes, and add some yankin' to the spankin'...yankin' his bull-balls that is.

Nothin' quite like having a bigboy spend some quality time on his knees.  And he took it all like a trooper.

So of course there was a rematch.

What sorta guy do you think I am, anyhow?


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