Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Tex - the rematch

Guess who inevitably wanted some more?


Hope it's not a let-down to ya boys...sometimes I get too carried away with the moment and I forget to snap's a thing I'm working on.  Promise.

Besides, what was I supposed to do, hang a beast like that from the rafters and whip him? Trust me fellas...not a guy you'd wanna have angry and un-restrained.

No, no...just a couple quality hours of good old fashioned cock teasing...some strokin', ball stretchin, nibblin' and slurpin', K N O B    P O L I S H I N G, etc.
I mean, all wrapped up like a summer sausage, what's he gonna do?

Did I mention his big ole feet are ticklish, and the other end of that rope is tied to his big toes - with tension.  Hold still and take yer ticklin' or yank your own nuts off - easy choice, right?


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