Monday, April 18, 2011

From the BoiConstrictor Archives: Business Trip Bondage

Thumbing through the archives...
This guy was in town for a business trip and had a free evening before he flew out.  Met him late in the evening at his hotel downtown...he had just showered and was pacing the hotel room waiting for me to arrive.  I stripped him down...he was a lean, muscular guy with germanic features and a runner's legs and ass.  He was equipped with an average-length cut dick, a little on the thick side, which responded instantly to the lightest touch.  In no time I had him gagged and hooded and splayed across his bed for a good proper working-over. (continued with more pics after the jump)

The bigger-dicked guys are actually at a disadvantage with this torture, because the bigger they are, the more clothespins I can pinch onto their cocks (That's an ACE bandage wrapped oh-so-tightly around his balls)

I love it when they're so desperate to be allowed to cum that they'll do/say anything just to be allowed sweet release. After a while of teasing strokes and some serious knob-polishing, on went the electro bands so I could really push his buttons (the multi-mode vibrating wand up his ass certainly helped keep him teetering on the brink too).

After a couple hours of this and other torments (tickling, CBT and lots of playing with his nipples, among other things) I finally was satisfied enough to let him shoot.  A nice big sloppy load coated his torso and my hand - mission accomplished.  I kept him up too late, but he was otherwise very satisfied (and probably skipped his workout in the morning to stay in bed and jerk off).

He's in Chicago periodically...will we play again?  More importantly, will I take more pictures? ;-)

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