Monday, April 18, 2011

Guess what's going on in the guest-room? Boiconstrictor Bondage!

Early 30's, lean hard body, big juicy cock and a nice guy too (I love being mean to nice guys - have no idea what it is!)  We took over his guestroom for the evening since the bed was more conducive to bondage play (not that that's ever stopped me before).

More imagery after the jump...

Quite the firm, spankable ass he has, I must say - oh, and I used a wooden spoon on it too, in case ya couldn't tell ;-)

A nice substantially-sized cock in good proportion to his long lean body...just begging me to tease and molest it in all sorts of devious ways, much to his dismay...

Did I mention he was pretty ticklish too? Underarms, ribs, chest, stomach, lower back, balls, inner thighs, feet...yeah, it's a good thing we picked the sturdy guestroom bed, I'd hate to think what would've happened if we'd played in a less-sturdy bed ;-)

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