Saturday, April 23, 2011

International Mister Leather, May 27-30 2011, SWEET HOME CHICAGO

While I can't claim that it's the reason they have it, since I'm not old enough, IML almost always falls the weekend of my birthday (5/28).  Easily my favorite weekend of the year, the weather is usually great, there's a big parade (on State Street), a long weekend, buncha soldiers and sailors in town on leave, oh, and thousands of kinky leather men and boys from all over the world here to play in my home town.
Check out the IML 2011 Schedule of Events here:
You crazy kids only have about a month to get your gear together.  If you're in the market for new restraints, toys, gadgets, fetish-wear or what-have-you, it's not too late to place an order with Mr. S Leather, top-notch leather and fetish outfitter to the world.  THEY EVEN HAVE GIFTCARDS!
Some fun gear (and hot guys wearing it):

Anybody know an aspiring bodybuilder/escape-artist I can try these out on?  I'll offer a reward for his prompt capture and delivery - he's just gotta arrive in working condition with enough fight left in him to keep things interesting ;-)

Shop the rest of Mr. S' catalog, and if you want help trying out your new toys when they arrive, you know where to find me.