Friday, April 29, 2011

Links with Lots to Like: SlowTeasingHandJobs, StraightMenInTrouble and ReluctantYoungMen (all formerly of AbusedForMoney)

Since traffic has spiked so dramatically the last week or so, I'm thinking there must be something here people wanna see/read.  It follows then that my viewers might be interested in checking out a couple of my favorite kinky sites.  Honest, first-hand (so to speak, he he he) and unbiased reviews of SlowTeasingHandJobs, StraightMenInTrouble and ReluctantYoungMen when you click the "read more" link...

Like so many of the other links to blogs, pics and vids here, I've done some weeding and have culled the herd and distilled down to what I think are some of the higher-quality and sexier-content sites around.  As always, I'd love to hear your take on that, and definitely pass along any suggestions or referrals you might have for me to check out.

 - this is my go-to for sexy young guys being molested, used, taken advantage of and otherwise teased, tickled and/or milked into submission.  Rich has a penchant for picking out dudes with a definite rough-trade quality about them (though I suspect most of them are dancers and escorts, or aspiring to be) and the occasional niche model (really skinny twinks, huge bodybuilders, muscle daddies, stocky/football player types, furry guys and blue collar average joes).  Uncle/Daddy Rich might not be your cup of tea, being an older, larger-build guy, but just think of yourself as a fly on the wall to a porn audition, the boss taking advantage of a new hire, or a pervy older guy having his way with impressionable college jocks in need of guidance and a firm hand.  He does sometimes let the models loose on one another and his right-hand-stud Scott has played kinky big bro to most of the models in Rich's absence.

Rich cranks out several new vids a month and also re-releases clips previously only available as pay-per-download (clips4sale) or on DVD (formerly  Rich manages to bring in fresh faces on a regular basis, but also manages to lure former models back in after sometimes prolonged absences from the site.  The bondage and cinematography have an amateur simplicity to them that *I* appreciate, but guys used to a slicker presentation might not go for.  All of the SlowTeasingHandJobs current material is in HD or near-HD quality and at least 10 minutes long (though some clips go for much longer) and most of Rich's old content has been re-edited and re-mastered to fit the format of his new site.
** As a side note, if you like tickling, this is also a site for you, though it might not appear as such on first glance.  Rich started out doig ALOT of tickling when he first got going, but managed to carve a niche for himself doing teasing/edging/milking scenes and spanking/paddling storylines.  He says he's still interested in the tickling content, but the willing models are fewer and further in between and there's an ACTIVE underground for pirated tickling clips that cuts into their profitability (if you've ever downloaded a free tickle clip from a torrent or sharing site, you've helped contribute to the lack of diversity in that particular niche) **

 - this is a site with a pretty narrow focus but depth of content.  If you like your JO material to have something of a plot or back-story, this is the site for you.  The scenarios tend to focus on fit young guys (from lean-tight twinks to big muscular meat-heads) who find themselves in some sort of bondage predicament or another.  The scenarios cover hazing, kidnapping, extortion and submission roleplays involving specimens of  PRIME USDA ALL-AMERICAN BEEF bound and worked over against their will.  While most of the stories have a threat or implication of sexual assault as a theme, only about 2/3 to 3/4 of them actually involve the "victim" cumming.

Activities range from rip-stripping, predicament bondage and "stress positions" to spanking and paddling, cock and ball torture, nipple play, muscle worship, cock teasing/edging and forced milking, sodomy with foreign objects and pec/ab pounding and slapping.  Some of the story-lines are pretty entertaining and the producers make an effort to change-up the setting and costumes, and almost all of the scenarios are spread out over multiple installments (e.g. 1) guy wakes up restrained and gagged in his clothes and assailant emerges to manhandle his bound form 2) guy's clothes are forcibly ripped or cut off of him, he is further manhandled, probed, explored, worshipped, oiled and/or slapped around 3) now fully naked guy realizes his predicament, makes an effort to fight his way loose and/or plead for mercy and is sexually assaulted relentlessly until the assailant is satisfied)  The bondage is more believable and looks more restrictive and less comfortable than other mainstream porn that "dabbles" in bdsm themes, but not as complex or intense as BDSM-centric sites.

 - Originally the URL of the main site covering all of the above, the family of sites has since (wisely) been split up by genre.  You will see some of the same models from StraightMenInTrouble and SlowTeasingHandJobs appear in these scenes, but this site now focuses solely on spanking and paddling sessions.  The same slabs of beef and lean young jocks who were molested or kidnapped and abused in previous sessions are here stripped down (or ordered to strip!) thoroughly inspected (some are forced to exercise, perform chores or flex in the nude, others are publicly bathed or bound and put on display for guests) and then bent over and spanked or paddled.

Open-hand spanking is complemented by hairbrush, paddle, flogger, riding crop and rod.  Some of the spankings are over the knee, others are of the model forced to stand against a wall, bent over a piece of furniture or, my favorite, tied in some compromising position.  The abuse is very real on this site, most of the models finish with red lashes and welts, some struggle and fight to dodge the blows, others hold their ground and strain to maintain their composure and still others sob openly and beg for mercy.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but if corporal punishment is your thing, then you'll definitely appreciate the material here.  Like Rich's other sites, ReluctantYoungMen also spins episodic tales where you can follow the progression of a helpless young jock from his cocky introduction to his last pathetic sob, spread out over a series of clips (average is about 3 clips to a series, many are longer, a handful are shorter)