Saturday, April 23, 2011

Muscular Masterpiece Makes Money while Moaning

Like other horny young college jocks, Gex has a body that is best displayed naked, spreadeagled and glistening - it's really quite flattering.  You can tell Gex likes looking at himself this way too.  His young muscular body writhes and squirms under Rich and Scott's expert ministrations, and they're very methodical with the college jock's performances:  edging, tickling, edging, tickling.  Oh, wait, maybe it's tickling, edging, tickling, edging.  Oh well, Gex is in no position to argue and when it boils right down to it, does it REALLY matter what order they happen in if they keep getting alternated back and forth, over and over, until the poor boy is a panting sweaty mess?

Check out Gex having his muscular bod tickled and Gex having his horny boy-cock worked to its limits in four different high-res clips (two tickle clips, two teasing clips) on SlowTeasingHandJobs.

Oh, and did I mention Gex is a broke college guy, so in addition to having a bangin' body he likes to show off, he works his charms and does what he can to put that bod to work for him, so you'll also find a few other vids featuring muscular young Gex lurking in the STHJ archive pages.

All these kinky visits with Rich and Scott - I wonder how Gex's grades are doing...Think he needs an anatomy tutor?

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