Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Quiet Game.

We're going to play the quiet game.
You just lie there and look sexy and try to ignore what I'm going to do to you.
No, no, no...scout's honor, it won't leave any marks in the morning.
Yes, yes.  I promise. Absolutely safe.
Here's a gag, boy, it'll help you keep quiet.  Well, since you're tied up all helpless there and can't interfere with what I'm about to do, the least I can do for you is gag you to help make this quiet game fair and all.

OK now, ready for it boy?

I know, I know - I'm too nice sometimes...what can I say? 
Consider this practice, we'll start the quiet game when I get back from getting us some refreshments....
The cat's around here too somewhere, and you know how playful she gets.  She can knock those clothespins around the kitchen floor for hours...if I put a couple on the curtains or the edge of a pillow she goes BONKERS trying to bat 'em off.  It's hilarious, you'll see!

(about an hour later)

Hey!  Kitty's makin' a new friend, eh?  I KNEW you guys would have fun while I was out.
What?  C'mon kiddo, you're gonna give up on the quiet game that easily? Boo.
I gave you a gag - Hell, I even gave you a whole hour of practice here without buggin' ya.  And Kitty's been helpin' ya out obviously.
What more could you possibly need?
Quit bouncin' around so much, you'll strain something...and Kitty's having trouble keeping up with ya. MAN is she determined!
I get it, maybe you're too fired-up to play the quiet game? - That's cool.
I have a MUCH better idea anyway.  
I'm gonna run to the store and pick up a couple supplies first.
Since you're all set up here already, and seem to be REALLY into playing one of Kitty's favorite games, just hang tight here, keep practicing with those clothespins, and maybe you'll be in the mood for the quiet game when I get back? - shouldn't be much more than an hour.
Just think of it as free practice time. Cool, huh?
I know, I know - I'm too nice!
Ooops!  Kitty got one - whaddaya know! Lemme pop that back on that sexy piece of meat ya got.  OK, there kiddo, good as new.
Have fun you two, I'll be back in a bit!



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