Saturday, April 23, 2011

Young Muscular Construction Worker at SlowTeasingHandJobs

Shawn, an amiable enough fellow, decides to see what all the fuss is about at uncle Rich's.  They shoot vids there focusing on cum-control, teasing and milking - all things he's heard about, but never had the opportunity to try.  As Rich would probably say, there's a first time for everything (thank god for the small miracles, eh?)

So Shawn drops by...fresh off a construction job, feelin mellow and a little nervous.  Uncle Rich coaxes him to take a spin on camera and see what sort of...uh, stamina this young muscle bull has in him.  He's gotta strip down, get himself close and then sit back and let the expert take control of his cock.  Shawn's bod is big-n-beefy with a fair amount of ink coverage, his demeanor is the right mix of cocky-laidback-bulljock and nervous-straightboy-first-timer at the same time.  He also does something I LOVE when playing with a guy - he blushes just in time for the money-shot.

The most recent clip and pics are of Shawn's return for his first "Real" shoot.  Rich lays him out on the trusty massage table and goes to down on him.  Can't wait for the re-matches when Rich (or maybe Scott?) will umdoubtedly put this beefy boy through his paces good-n-proper.
(Rich, if you're reading this, that wasn't a request so much as a dare...surprise me you twisted perv!)

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