Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue-Balls for Blue-Blood Studs - A Monday Tale from the RopeJock Archive

Here's a good Monday story, which is where our action begins.  Don't down it all this morning - I'd HATE to think any of you spent the rest of the day with blue-balls of your own...

Blue-Blooded Health Club Studs Given Blue-Balls
by Richard

Kevin Turner was stuck in his own car behind a huge black Mercedes 500 S sedan as he entered the gate-guarded parking lot of his exclusive health club around noon on a Monday. Kevin was on the final week of a two-week vacation and had spent the past week in Hawaii, so he was enjoying his free week back in town before he had to return to work. Kevin owned a business that sold hidden video cameras to businesses and families who wanted to either spy on their employees to prevent stealing or, in the case of families, to ensure that the "nanny" was not mistreating their children. Kevin delegated the running of the business to his partner during his vacation..
The 30-year-old Kevin enjoyed being able to take his time and do what he wanted to all day for a change, but obviously most of the people in the line of cars approaching the parking lot were professionals on a lunch break who wanted to cram a workout into their one or two-hour lunchtimes.
Clearly the darkly handsome guy in front of Kevin in the big Mercedes was in a hurry, complaining audibly through the open window of his sleek, impressive car at the delay in being admitted to the lot, and leaning on his loud horn repeatedly. When the arrogant business-suited dude in front of him finally got up to the guard's gate, he complained openly and at length about the "delay"(selfishly wasting everyone's time behind him, of course), announcing that he would "have you fired, you fuckin' wetback, fuckin' incompetent asshole! Why have you kept me waiting? My time is important!!"

The guy in the big Mercedes then roared off and promptly parked in the handicap-parking zone, placing a bootleg placard on the dash. Then he strode off toward the entrance to the exclusive health club, no doubt intent on giving the manager a piece of his mind about the "incompetent wetback parking lot attendant". There was clearly nothing physically wrong with the dude; he was sun-bronzed, 6' 4" about 28 or 29, and in obviously peak physical condition under his tailored suit, emphasized by the brightly colored, "power"-denoting designer suspenders he wore which highlighted his trim waist and defined chest under his designer shirt. Maybe he did qualify for a disabled placard based on "mental" disability, however, mused Kevin.
When Kevin entered the health club himself he noticed that the dude in the big Mercedes was striding out of the manager's office still red-faced and self-important, the manager looking harassed but saying in a time-worn placating fashion "yes, Mr. Alexander, I'll be sure to have a word with Jose and if this continues, Greg, Jose will be fired, of course," although Kevin could tell the manager was just trying to get rid of the braying, complaining yuppie so he could get back to work. Kevin had noticed the designer shirt and tie-clad health club manager, a 6' 2" darkly handsome dude about 30, ran the place like a fuckin' tyrant and hoped Jose would not lose his job, but then Kevin was formulating a plan that should protect Jose. Kevin was enjoying his ability to take his time and do whatever he pleased while on vacation time, so he decided to follow the puffed-up-with-his-own-importance dude into the locker room and more or less "stalk" him during his workout. Kevin was also happy that he had brought a few devices with him in his gym bag that should make the "stalking" all the more fun. He had all afternoon to spend. Should be fun.
Kevin followed "Greg Alexander" (Kevin later learned his full name was "Gregory Alexander III"-wouldn't you just know) through the health club and into the locker room, Kevin noticing several bouncing aerobics bimbettes eagerly and lustily shouting "Hi, Greg!" as he passed by, Greg nodding curt "hellos" at them, obviously used to open admiration at his tall, handsome business-suited self, and the fact that he was obviously very successful, even wealthy, a definite "catch". Kevin even heard one bimbette say to the other after Greg had passed "Oh, Leanne, he is like sooo dreamy! What I wouldn't give to get into know!" as the bimbettes dispersed in a flurry of girlish giggles into the workout area.
Kevin followed Greg into the locker room, noting that Greg chose a short bay of lockers near the quieter rear of the locker room, no doubt for the extra privacy he thought this would afford him. There were no other members using either of these locker bays for the time being, although locks on lockers indicated that other members had stowed their stuff there but were currently working out. Kevin deliberately chose a locker in a mirror-image short bay of lockers opposite. Kevin stowed his gym bag in one locker which faced the opposite bay of lockers where Greg had gone and stealthily was able to place a special video camera he had brought with him which was shaped like a portable radio. Kevin set this up in the spare locker next to his, secretly videotaping toward the area where Greg was getting settled into (and which would photograph anyone else who happened along in that area).
Kevin watched out of the corner of his eye while the hidden video camera recorded the arrogant young hunk's imminent disrobing, Kevin getting off on the fact that he was going to get to observe as the brash young self-important troublemaker dropped his fancy drawers, Kevin fantasizing that the arrogant conceited dude was having to strip for Kevin's pleasure and at his command! Kevin noted that Greg managed to somehow look peeved that Kevin had chosen the locker he chose, robbing Greg of his privacy, but Greg's body language made it clear that Greg had no choice but to start stripping; he obviously was in a hurry to get in a full workout and had already wasted enough time making a big scene about the delay getting into the parking lot. Kevin made a mental note to provide plenty of still pictures from the video or a copy of the video itself for Jose the parking lot attendant! Kevin was sure he'd get a kick out of seeing his tormentor baring his fancy ass and exposing his privates against his knowledge or will!
Kevin surreptitiously watched and the video quietly recorded, as Gregory Alexander III undid his silk, designer neck-tie and placed it in his locker, followed by his slipping his designer suspenders off his hunky shoulders, letting them temporarily hang down over his tailored suit pants, whereupon he began unbuttoning his blue-and-white striped, designer shirt, revealing a sun-bronzed jet-black-haired muscular chest, jet-black body hair fanning out over his broad, perfectly developed pectoral planes then narrowing into a fine line before broadening out as the hair on his six-pack abs disappeared into the confines of his tailored suit pants.
Greg next removed his designer shirt altogether and placed it in his locker, reaching up to hang the shirt on a hook in the locker, revealing the thickly jet-black-haired depths of his incredibly hairy, manly armpits. After a pointed glance Kevin's way to make sure the dude wasn't a fag and/or wasn't watching (Greg was wrong on both counts; Kevin was gay and he was watching, just watching discreetly) Greg unhitched his tailored suit pants and unzipped, then turned around as the expensive silk-like wool of his Hugo Boss suit dropped into an expensive puddle on top of his Ferragamo loafers, revealing Greg's tight, cute little executive ass encased in form-fitting white cotton Calvin Klein shorts, then stepped out of his suit pants and kicked off his loafers. As Kevin's heart skipped a beat, Greg then suddenly yanked down his Calvins revealing his lightly hair-flecked asscheeks and dark furry crack between, his assglobes pale white in total contrast to the rest of his sun-bronzed body, and revealing his sun-bronzed muscular hairy legs.
Kevin's heart pounded even more when the arrogant, denuded executive turned around to open his gym bag, revealing his luxuriant jet-black-haired pubic bush and huge flaccid cock and hairy bull-balls to Kevin's surreptitious view and the camera's unhesitatingly intense scrutiny. Even better, Greg was fishing intently for something in his gym bag which he apparently couldn't find right away, and the always impatient executive therefore suddenly bent way over as he searched in his gym bag, his magnificent ass parting all the way and revealing his pink, winking, hair-haloed butch virgin asshole and his hanging hairy bull-balls for a good 30 seconds until Greg straightened up angrily yanking a wad of assorted gym clothes and athletic shoes out of his large gym bag.
Kevin made his own phony search of his own gym bag, anything to stall for time before he had to completely change into his own gym stuff, as Kevin slowly had been removing his own clothes and very slowly putting on his own gym stuff, buying time without being too obvious about it. Greg then proceeded to put on a white jockstrap over his huge equipment, followed by a pair of body-hugging, full-length, wide-striped black and green spandex body wear which covered the full length of his muscular hairy legs and Nike gym shorts over those, as well as a Nike tank-top type tee shirt, the better to reveal his sun-bronzed hairy chest and manly hairy pits so the bimbettes (and probably a lot of appreciative guys unbeknownst to the unimaginative Greg) could get a load of his hunky upper body while he worked out.
As Greg and Kevin were lacing up their athletic shoes, a 6' 3" designer-cut blond business colleague from Greg's firm about 25 or 26, accompanied by another firm colleague, a 6' 2" dark-haired stud about 24, entered the locker bay, Greg heartily addressing the blond as "Hey Thurston, old man, how's it hangin' dude?" and the dark-haired guy as "Hey, and Huntington, too, is the whole firm here today?" "Huge as always, Alexander, old man!" replied Thurston, drawing a round of raucous, braying yuppie guffaws. Greg then asked Thurston and Huntington, "Tell me, Kurt, or Brad, is our fearless leader out for a three-martini lunch, or should I get my ass back to the firm right after my workout, dude?" Kurt Thurston replied "Yeah, one of the babes in word processing said the old fart was off to his "gentleman's club" for lunch, gotta mean 2-3 hours easily, but he told her he expects the Hamilton Report from you on his desk today before he leaves at 4 to `beat the traffic'. Shit, the old fart waltzes in at 11, calls his fellow multi-millionaire buds to arrange lunch at his club, has a 3 hour lunch, farts around in his leather wing-back chair smoking cigars with his old cronies, then splits. Our futures soon, too, no doubt, eh, Greg?, I mean our class deserves an easy life, it's only fitting," opined Kurt truthfully, fully confident of his rightful place in the world as a fully-grown (physically, that is) spoiled brat.
Greg stretched his sun-bronzed arms over the top of his locker, revealing his hairy armpits, as he asked, "What the fuck do you mean, Kurt? Ya mean the old fart expects the Hamilton Report today?? Shit, that only gives me an hour to work out and I'll have to skip lunch altogether!" whined the "poor baby" obviously put out and pouting at the thought of having to actually work hard for a change, not to mention having to cancel his accustomed lingering lunch at a tony yuppie watering hole. Kurt winked at Greg and said "Then you'll have to haul ass, Alexander, won't cha?" said Kurt, Kurt surprisingly reaching over and sticking a finger tickling into one of Greg's exposed, hairy armpits. Greg let out a surprised high-pitched giggle in response and blushingly hissed to Kurt to "cut that the fuck out, asshole, you know that sets me up the fucking wall!" to the sound of Kurt's and Brad's laughter. "Better keep on our good side, Alexander, we know your weakness" laughed Brad. So Greg is extremely ticklish, thought Kevin, hmmmm, the possibilities were endless here!
Greg hurried off to complete a furious workout, obviously intending to throw himself angrily into his workout to take out some of his aggression at being forced to work for a change. Kevin noted with joy that Greg did not lock his locker; he apparently had been furiously searching for his lock and had left it at home by mistake. Hmmm, again.
Kevin therefore contented himself fooling around wasting time in the locker room, eagerly secretly watching and videotaping as Kurt Thurston and Brad Huntington dropped their own executive drawers for him, and for the hidden video camera as well, of course. Kurt obliged, hurriedly discarding his tie and designer shirt revealing his sun-bronzed lightly dirty-blond-haired chest which fanned out lightly over his pectoral ridges over his perfect pointed tits only to trail down in a thin line toward his six-pack abs before disappearing into his suit pants. Brad Huntington doffed his own designer shirt and tie to reveal his own sun-bronzed moderately hairy chest his chest hair fanning out lightly over his sculpted pectorals to cap his man-tits before thinning down into a line of hair that grew down toward his suit-panted crotch. Kurt then dropped his executive suit pants to surprisingly reveal a pair of red Calvin Klein thong bikini underwear! Brad Huntington laughed and pointed at these to Kurt's embarrassment, Kurt explaining that his girlfriend liked to see the outline of his "cute little butt" and not see any underwear lines when he bent his "cute little ass" over, and that was only reason he was wearing them, hissing confidentially that "the damn things ride up, though, and that fucking elastic in the asscrack gooses you every time you bend over!" Brad chortling in his best yuppie fashion and suddenly sharply slapping the exposed smooth left asscheek of Kurt's "cute little ass" making a loud CRACK sound and leaving an angry red handprint on Kurt's buttcheek. Kurt then slipped the intimate apparel off altogether revealing a luxuriant dirty-blond-haired pubic bush, a sizeable cock and big hairy balls, his asscrack split with a fine line of dirty-blond fur. Brad Huntington then removed his own suit pants and boxer shorts to reveal his own lightly dark-hair-flecked ass, lush jet black pubes, big cock and hairy bull balls, Kurt getting even by delivering a resounding slap to Brad's bad-boy right buttcheek. Kurt and Brad changed into jockstraps and workout gear, and then put their clothes in their lockers, temporarily leaving their locks on top of their gym bags. Kurt announced to Brad that he'd go get them some towels while Brad announced his intention to "take a nice long leak".
When Kurt and Brad left the coast clear, Kevin pounced, opening Greg's unlocked locker and retrieving his white Calvins, and reaching into Kurt and Brad's still open lockers and helping himself to Kurt's discarded thong and Brad's conservative executive boxer shorts. Kevin then left the door to the locker recording the action slightly ajar so it could continue to film, then, after taking a hit of their combined musky scent, stowed the stolen underwear in his gym bag in his own locker, and headed for the workout floor. When viewing the tape later that day, Kevin watched how Kurt and Brad simply returned to their lockers and locked them up, not yet realizing their underwear was missing, and simply proceeded to the workout floor themselves.
Kevin then "cruised" the threesome as they had a hearty, sweaty workout, riding the exercise bikes for 30 minutes then working with free weights and machines. Greg finished first, announcing to Kurt and Brad that he wanted to shower and "take a steam" before he returned to finish his report.
While Kurt and Brad continued working out, Kevin followed Greg back into the locker room. Kevin eagerly secretly watched and videotaped as the sweating Greg removed his Nike tank top tee shirt, his full-length black and green striped spandex body wear and his sweaty jock and gym socks, neatly storing the steaming mass in a plastic bag provided by the health club, only to pad his sweating self off to the showers and sauna, all caught on videotape.
Kevin promptly snatched up the plastic bag of goodies and, while Greg showered, Kevin lucked out and no one showed up in the particular locker bays while he proceeded to cut tiny pinholes and some holes the size of a finger in strategic places in Greg's Hugo Boss suit pants. Kevin also determined that Greg had not brought a change of underwear with him in his gym bag, so he would have to go without shorts the rest of the day!
When Greg returned, Kevin let the video record the proceedings, Greg fuming and cursing about the loss of his sweaty gym stuff, alternately accusing the "wetback help" and "Goddamned fuckin faggots!" for his loss. Greg hurriedly dressed into his executive suit, searched frantically for his missing shorts, gave up, apparently thought about asking his buds for a spare pair but was too embarrassed to admit the need to do so, and so departed, not even noticing the fact that tantalizing glimpses of his ass, pubes, and even his balls were visible at times from the strategically cut holes in his executive pants. Kevin overheard Kurt and Brad laughing at the gym when Greg was not there, laughing at how Greg had walked around the office that way trying to figure out why the office women were giggling, only to feel a draft and realize that he had even caught a hole in the buttcheek of his pants on a nail and had ripped a huge hole exposing his pompous ass to the world!
Kevin was amused when Kurt and Brad returned from their own sweaty workouts, only to strip down for the hidden video, also placing their sweaty gym stuff into plastic bags, then padding off bareass to the showers, all caught on video. Kevin then quickly snatched up these plastic bags as well and locked them in his locker, then killed time till Kurt and Brad returned to discover the loss of their own sweaty gym stuff, cursing "fucking fags" as they suited up and left, all caught on video.
Later that evening, Kevin invited some gay friends over and they each had a field day watching the hidden video while simultaneously sniffing each of the arrogant Greg, Kurt and Brad's sweaty gym shorts, tee-shirts and jocks as the stuck-up trio unknowingly bent way over for the camera or otherwise unwittingly exposed their most intimate areas to the camera to the gay guys' guffaws.
Kevin decided the next day to set up an appropriate retribution on the arrogant Gregory Alexander III. Kevin got a kick out of showing still photos of his hidden video of Greg to the health club parking lot attendant, Jose, Jose laughing out loud and pointing at the embarrassing photos of the arrogant shithead bareass naked, especially the ones showing Greg bending over and revealing his hairy asshole and hanging bull-balls for the camera, and/or those showing his swinging cock. Jose also liked the ones that caught the supposedly high-class dude picking his nose, scratching his big, hairy balls, and scratching his hairy, sweaty armpits. Jose was still furious at the tongue-lashing he had received from the swaggering Greg, and told Kevin that he would be only too happy to join in any revenge on the dude. Kevin outlined the elements of his "plot" to "get" Greg, which included the use of further videotaping to ensure the cocky Gregory Alexander III's silence and cooperation in the future, since Jose was naturally concerned about losing his job.