Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bored? Get yourself a Rope Buddy!

Some good strong rope should be in every bondage afficionado's arsenal...rope is inexpensive and easy to find just about anywhere, it's light-weight and easy to pack, relatively low-key and unlikely to raise suspicion, versatile and scalable for use in a variety of scenarios and genuinely useful for situations OTHER than BDSM scenes.  Contrary to popular belief, utilizing rope in bondage scenarios does not require a familiarity with a bunch of fancy knots you need to practice and ropework doesn't have to be particularly complicated or intricate in order to be effective.
Behold the following examples:

What level of restriction do you hope to achieve? What do you plan to do with the boy once you've got him all tied up?

Do you plan to keep him that way for a certain period of time? Do you have to untie him completely to undress him or move him?

Leverage your rope to enhance other items during play...a cup is no longer a cup when it's lashed to your face.  And a head-harness really isn't doing any harnessing at all, unless it's also tied to something - an body part, a weight, an immovable object, etc.

Just because it's secure and comfortable right now, doesn't make it safe for a longer scene.  Thinner gauge ropes, not only easier to cut or bite through, also have the tendency to A) cut off circulation more readily to restrained appendages and B) are more likely to let their knots slip or tighten with struggling, making it potentially difficult if you need to free your subject in a hurry.

Unless you're pretty good already, you probably want to take one long coil of rope and separate it into several shorter lengths.  My shortest ropes are about 36" or 3 feet, but most of my rope is in the 6-8ft range.  Some harnesses call for specific lengths or minimums, or you find yourself running out of rope towards the end.

With practice, you can make your roped boys into pieces of living art, suitable for display.  (so get out there and start practicing NOW!) 

**I STRONGLY recommend anybody playing with rope get themselves a pair of EMT or utility shears with blunted ends.  In case of emergency (asthma attack, fire, or the girlfriend's car pulls up) you'll want to be able to quickly and safely cut away the bonds.  In tight spots, or in a hurry, a slipped knife can do alot of damage very easily, so I DO NOT recommend relying on a blade (pocket knife, box cutter, kitchen knife, machete, katana, etc.) for quick rope removal.**

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