Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't See the Bears Through the Fuzz, or Fit-n-Fuzzy Fresh-Faced Fap Fodder

I don't know what's not to like about - his guys are hot (I'm seriously starting to think he's got a forced breeding program going on in a cave somewhere) the photo sets and vids are deliciously high-quality...he also has a thing for lingering on butts and feet, knows how to work all the angles in the room and usually puts his talent through a little posing/flexing session at some point or another during the shoot.  Sure that's all great and all, but when you consider there are over a thousand shoots to choose from (hey, he's been online like a decade or something) and you get to really shop the meat market until you find a side of beef (or two or three) you really like. 

Me, I like a little body hair...a fuzzy chest, a nice treasure trail, a little boy-bush that hasn't been completely whittled into topiary, hairy legs and pits please and thanks.  Fur is one of the secondary sexual characteristics of the males of our species, i.e. that's how mother nature intended us to be able to tell the boys from the girls.  While I realize some guys are naturally pretty smooth, complete smoothness is all but impossible without the use of some sort of technology.

Something truly delicious about SeanCody's ever-growing crop of fresh faces and hot bods is that he's never discriminated against the fuzzy dudes.  While the smooth-torso guys do tend to outnumber the fuzzies, there are definitely more than a handful of sexy studs nobody would dare call "bear" with any seriousness.


That's the END, you ask?  No, certainly not - but you'll have to watch out for my next installment OR check out the boys for yourself over at SeanCody*

*I get a cut of every membership I send their way, true, but more importantly:  if I sign up a hundred new subscribers there, I get to pick which models to put in bondage.

Ok, no, not really, but isn't that a hot idea?  Email me (or SeanCody) who over there you wanna see all tied up and we'll do what we can to make it happen - because I aim to please ;-)


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