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Clinical Focus, Measurable Results - Semen Extraction Procedure

I can't for the life of me remember where I found this little write-up...(if somebody knows, please tell me!) but I have a hunch it was somebody's call for help on an edging or milking forum.  Actually sorta hot to think a sub guy probably wrote this up hoping/wishing somebody would follow it to the letter with himself as the subject - talk about writing your own ticket!

Anyway, I liked the detached and rather clinical way it reads.  What muscle bull jock boy stands a chance against a few strategic restraints and a focused, determined milker?  I definitely recommend he's had his protein shake first, and have some recovery beverages standing's going to be a long workout, bro.

Semen Extraction Procedure

1. Choose restraint position that provides maximum access to subject's body and utilizes available equipment. See photos for suggestions. (no idea what photos this refers to, again HELP, but if you need inspiration, feel free to scroll back through my blog over the past few weeks)

2. Restrain subject securely and gag or muzzle him to prevent him from disrupting the extraction process. In addition to wrists and ankles, consider securing head, chest, upper arms, waist, scrotum and thighs as appropriate to equipment and position.

3. Explain process to subject. Inform him that his responses to various stimuli must be studied thoroughly and a significant amount of semen is required. He should expect to stay restrained until sufficient data and semen are collected.

4. If video known to stimulate subject is available, begin video. Otherwise, blindfold subject to focus attention on stimuli.

5. Before continuing procedure, give subject time alone to allow body to sensitize to lack of touch.

6. Begin stimulation with slow, light touch across body surfaces, avoiding genitals and anus. Pressure should be just enough to graze body hair. Use fingertips, feather or other suitable instruments. Continue until subject's responses indicate maximum stimulation from this method has been reached. Allow subject a few minutes to rest and resensitize before proceeding.

7. Repeat Step 6 with tongue. Pay special attention to nipples, armpits and inside of upper thighs. Nipples may be VERY LIGHTLY sucked and bitten. Again, continue until responses indicate maximum stimulation reached, followed by short rest/resensitization period.

8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 on genitals and anus, beginning with fingertips or other instrument(s) and following with TONGUE ONLY. Use fingers or hands to gently pry open anus and allow access to extremely sensitive area within. Continue until maximum stimulation, then rest and resensitize.

9. If vibrator or massager is available, apply to genitals at lowest speed. Begin with inner thighs and perineum and continue to upper side of penis, scrotum, underside of penis base and finally underside of penis head. Use hand to press penis to vibrator surface and rock vibrator slowly up and down against shaft. Pay close attention to penis hardness and testicle contraction and stop stimulation immediately if orgasm appears close. After rest/resensitization, repeat on higher vibrator speed if available.

10. To produce a sufficient amount of semen, bring subject close to orgasm multiple times before collecting sample.

11. If vibrator or massager is not available or fails to produce adequate stimulation, lubricate hand thoroughly and begin stroking subject's penis. Palm should be on underside of shaft and make contact with area under head on each stroke. Consistent rhythm of 0.5 to 3 strokes per second is necessary to produce orgasm. Thorough lubrication must be maintained.

12. If still more stimulation is required, apply light touch or tongue to subject's scrotum, anus and/or nipples while vibrating or stroking penis. A plug or device may be inserted into the rectum for further stimulation, and a vibrator may be applied to the plug or the scrotum for still more.

13. The use of assistants or masturbating/milking machines can be helpful in increasing stimulation levels in particularly resistant subjects.

Lather, rinse, repeat...

Enhancements can easily be added to this regimen for added production...manual stimulation of the prostate (anything from fingers to a specialized device such as an Aneros), electrical or mechanical aids like electro cock rings or buttplugs or even a venus device.

I'm a firm believer in both positive and negative reinforcement, so keep your milking bull in the proper frame of mind with punishments and rewards based on his performance or lack thereof.  Don't be afraid to talk dirty, tell him how hot he looks all strapped down like that and how entertained you are by his struggling, and how you can't wait to squeeze the next load out of him.

If chemical assistance is desired, there is a wide variety available...most good jock subs should be on a diet high in testosterone precursors and nitric oxide enhancing supplements already (the same process that delivers a big pump also delivers a big plump) Hook him up to a gasmask or ventilator and forcefeed him some poppers periodically, or there are numerous OTC and prescription performance enhancers (yohimbe, horny goat weed, viagra, cialis, enzyte, etc.) - JUST REMEMBER, NO POPPERS if your boy is taking any prescription-strength performance enhancers, because the mix can be dangerous.  You've heard of the legendary bongwater & viagra enema, of course, so there's always that - just remember a stoned bull jock with a raging hardon requires your full and undivided attention (unless you've got two or three of them there all tied up with no place to go).

**Take lots of pictures and/or video and don't forget to share with your pervy bud Boiconstrictor**

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