Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Clothespin - Simple, Inexpensive, Evil

Part One of what will be an ongoing homage to the simple yet mighty Clothespin...

I think the only other people who buy clothespins at my neighborhood store are the little old Polish and Puerto Rican ladies who still hang their laundry out to dry.  They're also one of those items (like duct tape, rope and vaseline) that you can find in any and every city on the planet, and have more uses than just the kinky ones (keeping the chips or crackers fresh, pinning up notes, keeping the curtains closed, driving the cat or dog crazy, etc.)

Q:  How do you work over a guy's nipple?
A:  Pinch a clothespin onto it.
Q:  How do you make his nipple hurt more?
A:  Leave the clothespin on for a few minutes and then abruptly remove it.

Q:  How do you make his nipple hurt even more?
A:  Put the clothespin back on, but rotated 90 degrees from its original orientation  ( from [--] to [ | ] )

Don't even get me started on his cock and balls...

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