Friday, May 13, 2011

Fit, Frisky and Fuzzy FRIDAY - Rassle with Rascally Ramsey

Fully fap-worthy furry finds for Friday...and a Friendly reminder to Follow my blog if you haven't already!


Would you call Ramsey a cub? an otter? a fox? The whole bear nomenclature breaks down when you start talking about young fit guys, but anyway...Ramsey qualifies as Fuzzy and Fit, with a bit of an edge too...

If you ask me, Ramsey's nips are just begging to be played with...licked, sucked, pinched, nibbled, clamped, whatever.  Maybe he'd dig that, maybe not.  Nothing a gag and some restraints couldn't fix though, right?

I gotta buddy with a fetish for these mesh satiny basketball can thank me later ;-)

...with just the slightest air of cocky defiance that makes bondage and dicipline so interesting.  Whenever you're ready to play, Ramsey, I've got your training regimen all figured out already.
Numerous high-res shots and vid clips of Ramsey in action over at ChaosMen.

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