Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Zapping! - A *Brief* Examination of Electro Play (E-Stim)

Electro is one of those things where it doesn't really matter how big and tough you are, or how strong, or that you've got the endurance of a thoroughbred - once you're all wired up and the juice is flowing, you're pretty much subject to the same powerful and irresistible forces as any other joe blow. 

Any quality electro unit will let you adjust the intensity of the signal or impulse...this can be as simple as a numbered dial ranging from 0 or "low" up to whatever # it maxes out at.  More sophisticated (and typically more expensive models) will have a clicking dial, an infinitely adujustable rheostat or a fully digital control operated by button pad with an electronic read-out of signal or impulse intensity.  Lower levels feel like anything from a mild tickling or itching or buzzing under the skin to a more extreme "pins and needles" sensation (like your arm or leg fell asleep) or a more intense sensation like burning at higher levels.  Any level may be accompanied by involuntary muscular contraction, but that is more dependent on placement of the electrodes than on the level of impulse, although stronger impulses, when properly placed, do create more powerful muscular contractions.

In addition to controls for adjusting the intensity of the impulse or signal, a better quality device should allow you to control the duration of the impulse (i.e. how long the contraction lasts) and the interval between contractions.  Because of how our bodies perceive these electrical impulses, short signals, or signals with a relatively long duration between them, are perceived as more powerful than longer or more frequent impulses.  Higher end controllers also offer an array of pre-programmed impulse patterns to select from - from pleasant undulating waves of current (designed for muscle relaxation and excellent for long slow electro edging sessions) to so-called roller coaster programs where the impulse starts small and brief but over time builds to stronger and longer duration impulses (good for milking and torture scenarios).  Some boxes also include an option to create a custom program on your PC, or to set the impulses to respond to music or ambient noise...much like a bark training collar for a puppy.

Due to the variety of different options for impulse programming, electrode type and placement and the difference between individual subs, there is a certain amount of artistry to electro stimulation.  What milks one boy dry with gutwrenching orgasms might barely register on another boy, and so on.  I have played with several electro subs who brought their own "favorite" electrodes to the play session and gave me a brief rundown of their favorite placement and programs prior to play, and other guys I have just hooked up and started trying different settings until I got the responses I wanted (what's he gonna do, complain?). 

BEWARE!  If your intention is for a long teasing or edging, some guys (especially electro rookies) are likely to cum very quickly with few, if any, of the usual warning signs.  (Of course if this happens with one of my boys, he suddenly feels a rush of dread because he knows he's now in for a longer, more careful session as I take my "do over" at his expense)  This is usually due to the novelty of the electro sensation and the impulses' ability to bypass many of the physiological and psychological "brakes" a guy can normally rely on to pace himself.  However, this comes in very handy if your aim is not to string a boy along or tease him but to milk him forcibly against his will (giggity!)

There are a vast array of different bi-polar and mono-polar (depending on the type of controller you're using) electrodes on the market, made of everything from plain old stainless steel or anodized aluminum to conductive silicone and electrode-embedded polymer.  Regardless of your choice of electrode, be sure to get yourself a tube of electode gel and use liberally to ensure good contact throughout your electro play session.  Generally speaking, the self adhesive pads that come with many electro devices are maybe good for one play session if they don't dry out or lose their stickiness during play (most are basically disposable, impossible to properly sanitize in between users, easily dried out and often stick to anything but the boy you're trying to play with) so if you're planning on playing with just the pads, get a few sets of them - most manufacturers offer a replacement set relatively inexpensively, and having a bowl of warm water with a sponge or towel in it during your session can help to re-moisten dried out pads.

A simple set of alligator clips available at RadioShack or the hardware store (another reason Home Depot is one of the kinkiest places in my universe) can turn many other objects into improvised electrodes for use in conjunction with your electro device:

  • Existing jewelry in your sub's nether region (PA, guiche, frenum, dydoe)
  • Stainless steel spoons, forks, knives
  • Stainless steel urethral sounds
  • Steel, titanium or aluminum cockrings or ball stretchers.
  • Metal chain
  • Aluminum baseball bat (I got stories, OH, do I have stories!)
  • Neuro wheel
  • Metal nipple clamps, binder clips or the alligator clips themselves
  • Small gauge copper wire (Roger of SF uses this often in his electro sessions for ShotgunVideo)
I will often attach one side of the circuit to my sub (electro band around the base of his cock & balls) and then attach the other electro band around my wrist and use my hand and fingers as the other point of contact.  Try licking your finger and sticking it up his bum, spanking his ass, stroking his cock, kneading his balls or just running that hand up and down his muscular legs, abs, lower back.  This is also an excellent techique for precisely adjusting the settings of your electro controller, because you feel exactly what your sub feels, just not in as sensitive an area.

Just remember, if the electro current crosses through the vicinty of the heart, it can kill (Even if you've played around the chest before and survived, like inhalants, electro can kill the first time or the fiftieth time - nobody ever knows until it's already happened).  Unlike the static charges generated by a violet wand that travel across and over the skin, most other electro toys (TENS, EMS, Rimba, etc.) are designed to send pulsed DC current through deep tissue like muscle and organs potentially putting even the youngest & fittest of subs into cardiac arrest.

If you **need** to electrify a man's nipples, use a violet wand or an electric flyswatter such as mine:

Or invest in some bi-polar electro nipple clamps, especially made for SAFE electro nipple play (understand, each clamp needs a whole circuit to itself, so to play with both nipples, you need at least a two-channel electro controller).

I also have to say, if you're not getting the sexual stimulation angle of this working for a particular sub, don't worry.  Many electro devices were originally developed and marketed as muscular stimulation devices for rehabilitation or toning of individual muscles...FEEL FREE TO USE THEM FOR THIS PURPOSE.  I can't think of anything hotter than an athletic young stud stripped and strapped down with his muscles forced to work while I have my way with him sexually.  The large muscle groups of the thighs (quads, bicep femoris) glutes, as well as the abs or biceps and triceps of the upper arm are all visibly responsive to electrical stimulation at even low levels.  Turn a play session into something as physically exhausting as it is sexually, or simply ensure that your boy gets the required amount of reps ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.


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