Friday, May 27, 2011

IML Bound - The Boy Scout Motto

"Be Prepared" is what they hammered into our little brains as Boy Scouts, and the same advice holds whether you're prepping for a camping trip in the wilderness, or bear hunting in Chicago over IML weekend - Be Prepared.

I was getting some of my restraint gear out and thought it wise to check out my collection of cuffs and make sure everything is in working order.  I noticed a little corrosion around the keyhole area of a couple (a high-wear spot) and figured I could stand to lube them up a bit to get them ready for play this weekend.

WD-40 is NOT my first choice for lubricating my cuffs...for whatever wonders it works, the formula is too thin for application to cuffs as a preventative lube, it manages to get everywhere no matter how careful you are with it, and the smell is less than subtle (but perfect for that kinky mechanic sex in the garage roleplay you always wanted to try!)  

My weapon of choice is usually 3-in-1 oil for its consistency and ability to stay in place longer.  I also know guys who use grease and graphite, each has their pluses and minuses, but bear in mind it should be a solution that works for you and something actually easy to get your hands on.

Another item of preparedness is tracking down your handcuff keys....
The standard key tends to fit most mass-produced cuffs:

 If you can afford the cuffs, you can afford to get some SPARE KEYS.  Just about everyplace you can get cuffs will have spare keys, they even come in packs.  There are more specialized keys that make it easier for the operator when he's got his hands full or under low light conditions:
(also much easier to handle when you're hands are all slippery with lube, and you can use it with your teeth if the need arises - or so I've heard...)

Whatever you do, don't take your cuffs out to play without a) having tested the key and locking mechanism first to ensure the mechanism hasn't seized up since the last time you played and b) brining your spare key (or keys) along.  Snap a key off, lose it in an airvent or down a drain, whatever - there's a million reasons to have at least one spare, and NO good reasons not to.  This is especially true if you're a guy who frequently plays with strangers (no judgements, I promise!) Do yourself a big favor and keep a spare key in your pocket, shoe, the outer zipper of your suitcase or garment bag, wedged in with your luggage tag, tied into your bootlace...somewhere you can get at it if the scene turns psycho or if your captor is somewhat less prepared than I recommend.

By the by: those Boy Scout neckerchiefs make great gags or blindfolds in a pinch.

***The More You Know***