Monday, May 09, 2011

Institutionalized: guys rendered hopelessly helpless by "Humane Restraints"

Thick locking leather straps with heavy canvas or nylon webbing.  Nothing says safe and secure quite like institutional restraints.  Designed to secure unruly prisoners for long stretches (days at a time really) and built with escape attempts and acts of violence in mind, nobody you'll ever play with will ever break out of your humane restraints via sheer brute strength (provided they're properly secured in the first place...)

(The weakest link in this restraint set-up is actually the massage table the guy is strapped to, not the restraints.  A tubular steel bedframe would be ideal - IKEA, surprisingly, makes some affordable yet strong designs if you're in the market for a new play bed that fits your budget.)

Rich over at SlowTeasingHandJobs used to use hospital restraint cuffs in some of his edging and tickling scenes, but they've since gone missing - never got a good explanation... if a model broke 'em, they got loaned out and never returned (I've had that happen with gear before) or if they just plain scared the bejeezus out of his (mostly straight and shy) models - who knows?!?  They're perfect for keeping a reluctant young jock playmate right where you want him while you conduct all sorts of medical and anatomical "procedures" on him.  So please, tease, edge, tickle, torture, molest and milk all you want - the boy's not going anywhere until you decide to let him loose!

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