Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Only one day left in the "Summer Movie Stud Bondage" poll!

Have you voted in the Summer Movie Studs in Bondage poll yet? If not, please do so on the left, it only takes a moment.  Please select from this summer's selection of Grade-A Beef appearing in the upcoming (or recently released) movies *YOU* would most like to have in bondage.

If you need a photo or two to remind you who I'm talking about, head to my post introducing the poll from last week.

So far, extra-buffed Chris Evans as Captain America (Captain America: The First Avenger) seems to be leading the pack.  He's packed on some extra mass to fill Cap's form-fitting unitard (and the studio probably built in some foam muscles too).  How does one feel about his newly shorn chest?  Maybe a furry Chris would be more or less appealing all tied up with no place to go?

A close second is studly Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious series of films, appearing in the fifth film in the franchise this summer (Fast 5ive).  Definitely leaving is massive co-star Vin Diesel in the dust, what is it about Paul Walker that lets him hold his own amongst super-heroes in the poll?

Debuting as scantily-clad demi-god Theseus (Immortals) this summer is Henry Cavill, most famously of the Tudors.  Theseus, Perseus, it's all greek to me!  The publicity stills of Henry buffed and grimy lunging into battle have probably helped propel his popularity in this poll.  The film looks very pretty and includes former vampire Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, God of the Sea (who isn't doing nearly as well in the poll, despite his studly stature and his exposure in the Twilight films).

At fourth (4th?!?) is lean and sexy Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern).  Is his sexy bod over-exposed? The master of connecting comedy with sex appeal, Reynolds manages at least one shirtless scene in each of his appearances going back to Van Wilder...though my personal fave is of Reynolds shirtless and battered in heavy chains from Blade Trinity.

SO, take this last day and vote.  There's plenty of alternate material of these guys out there, so if you need to do a Google Images search to help make up your mind, feel free.

Top winners from this poll (and any popular write-ins) will be run off against each other later on - possibly after some of the movies are out, so stay tuned...

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