Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Predilection for Padalecki - Supernatural Stud in Bondage

I hadn't realized just how bondage-happy the folks making Supernatural seem to be, until I started DVRing episodes recently.

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester on Supernatural) is one big buff dude (I think Jensen Ackle's character refers to Sam as "sasquatch" on more than one occasion on the show) and through the cunning trickery of their opponents, or Sam's demon blood addiction (conveniently requiring a couple attempts at forcible detox), Sam seems to wind up in bondage just slightly more than his similarly sexy bro Dean (Jensen Ackles).  There was the time he got committed to track down some killer in an asylum, the time his body got stolen by a high-school warlock, the time he got kidnapped by the immortal organ-thief, the first time in the demon detox tank...and this isn't counting the number of times the Winchester boys get knocked over the head and taken captive by a demon or monster as a dynamic duo.

When it's rope, it's LOTS of rope, but usually somebody has the forethought to employ some serious leather restraints on the guy, so hats off to 'em there on the Supernatural creative team.  Now, it can't be purely out of fan-service, since I think there's not nearly enough skin on the show, despite the hunky casting, but here's hoping it's something more than just a rogue writer who likes seeing the guys squirm in secure bondage from time to time.

Here's hoping Supernatural and Jared Padalecki continue to deliver...

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