Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ransoming the Pennsylvania Kid - an Introduction

Alright, so here's an experiment we'll embark on together. 
I've got shots of a hot jock stud who came to visit me and spent 24hrs in bondage.  I'll release the shots a couple at a time over the course of the next few days, but on one condition...I'll only release new shots after another 5 followers have picked up my blog.  I've got about two dozen pics of him and 5 short (but hot) video clips I took in the course of our play session together.

...just some shots he sent me initially to get my attention.

The PA Kid (a muscular blond fair-complected young college jock with a big cut cock) gets strapped down, gas-masked, poppered-up, prick teased, electro edged and generally manhandled (in this series anyway)
So now I(we) have your attention...are you a follower yet?  Don't you want to be? Got a bud or two (or ten) who might enjoy themselves here too?  

There ya go, see? We're well on our way.  Was that so hard?  ;-)