Thursday, May 19, 2011

Secure-a-Stud - RopeJock Recommendations

Keeping your muscle boy in range of your tickling tools or your jock bull stud securely strapped down can be the most challenging and fun part of kinky play.

Behold the following images from the RopeJock archive, scenes of Jack's homemade restraint apparatus to keep a tough-guy right where ya want him for a long slow tickling and teasing session...who knows, after a few hours of that, there might still be enough energy left over for a couple rounds of milking, so you'll want that boy to be very secure.
Vulnerability and Access are key concepts and need to be addressed.

What's the flexibility and endurance of your sub like?

Tailor the restraint system to the type of torment you've got in mind.

Make your jock-bull secure, but keep options open if you decide to change positions for the next round.

When he starts complaining, assess whether it's the bondage that's the problem or the specific torment you're engaged in, or some other issue, and act accordingly.

You can limit his range of motion through the sheer strength of his bonds, or you can go for an indirect approach where struggle and unwanted motion creates a negative feedback loop (pain, discomfort) for your sub...the level of his defiance becomes reinforcement for his submission.

Good times...

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