Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Tough Nut to Crack - Frustrating a Fratboy

From my personal photo vault, I present my swarthy fratboy friend.  An 18yo halfway through his freshman year in college found me over a long weekend.  Was curious about my treatment of other studs, but honestly wasn't sure what he could handle or how much of it.  We decided we'd give it the old college try.

He warned me he was on some medication that made his cock "finicky" but that I was welcome to do what I could to elicit some response from him.  He confessed that some days even masturbation was all but impossible (if you can't love yourself...) and he went long dry stretches without sex purely from lack of impetus.

I was a little taken aback when we eventually did meet...he was a sexy little guy!  About 5'6" and dark-featured from an olive complexion and plenty of time in the sun (you can wear shorts and flipflops 350+ days of the year if you go to school in Texas and summer in SoCal) a gleaming white feral grin framed by a boyish yet scruffy face (the kind of guy who has five o'clock shadow by lunchtime, and wears it well).  He was nervous, but a little cocky in that he gave himself up to my whims without so much as a safeword or setting any limits - maybe he felt he could trust me, maybe he was just reckless...?

So I stripped him down and went to town.  I have to say his cock responded almost immediately to being manhandled by rising to about 90%, but it took real effort on my part to get it the rest of the way - and not for lack of trying.

I became one of the few people to be able to get him off at all, let alone get him off more than once (that's not saying a whole lot at his age, but believe me when I say he tried hard).  I also helped him discover (somewhat to his horror) that he was, in fact, ticklish, despite nearly a lifetime of thinking otherwise, except that the magic moment of vulnerability was (unfortunately for him) in the afterglow immediately following an orgasm.  Poor, poor boy indeed!

He soon came to appreciate me kissing his neck and nibbling his earlobes while slowly and firmly manhandling his cock and balls, his nipples plucked and tweaked and sucked and nibbled and pinched, his globular furry little runner's ass spanked and paddled, so much, that I started receiving phone calls, IM's and text messages well into the wee hours - not quite begging - but firmly suggesting, cajoling, coaxing and negotiating his way into impromptu sessions "when the spirit moved him."  For my part, I have to say, I didn't mind a bit.

A couple sessions are pictured above...alas, one of those guys I always seemed to have so much fun with I forgot to stop and commemorate the moment with more pics.  Note the various implements we resorted to using to sufficiently stimulate his medicated cock:
...electric toothbrush strategically lashed to his cock with a bootlace, so the teeth just scratch below his piss-slit (lightly lubed of course)
..."big red" my trusty old vibrating suction tube (or sucking vibrator?) - he helped send "big red the1st" to sex-toy heaven prematurely

...and my most devious torment, at least as far as he was concerned, an electric massager strapped tightly to his cock with elastic (ACE) bandage, with the variable speed vibrating head either right under the head of his cock or snugly wedged between his balls and shaft "sir, do you want me to cum so soon?" he would routinely ask, after 30 or 40 minutes of massager.  Mmmm, lemme think about that one...

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