Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Who you callin' a Bruiser?

Somebody wrote in unclear as to my definition of a bruiser, as posted earlier.  I *thought* the photos pretty much made that self explanatory, but just for the sake of clearing up any further confusion, here are a few more examples in my series exploring Building a Bigger, Better Breed of Bruiser:
The ABC's of the Bruiser Brotherhood (aka Bruiserdom)
A is for Attitude

B is for Beefy

C is for Cuts

D is for Delts (or Definition) and an E for Edgy
F for Fuckin' Fit

G is for Guns and H is for Huge

I for Impressive
...and J for Jockbuds

K and L for Killer Looks (or Lats)
M is most definitely for Massive

N is for Never camera shy

O is for Outstanding
P is for Pride

Q is for Quiet

R is for Roids? naw REPS

S is for Sizzle, Stunner or Something else (Showoff?)

T is for Tiny, as in how you feel in comparison

U is for Unbelievable

V is for Veiny (or Vain)

W is for Wanna Wrestle?

X, as in X-rated

Y is for You wish you had this tied up in the playroom, or Yummy

Z is for Zippers, or a lack thereof

That better have cleared things up, I don't want to have to go through all this again with you.

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