Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zaptastic! Endorphins vs. Common Sense

Let's do a little exercise in Free Association...I'll show you some images, and you tell me what immediately springs to mind.


Image #1:

Alright, got that.  Now...
Image #2:

They are "Sting" and "Big Red" respectively, two of my most favorite but infrequently used playtoys.  I happen to find Big Red's warranty card entertaining all by itself:
"Effective with most types of livestock"

I always wondered what they would do if I put together a "real customer testimonial" video and sent it off to them.  Somebody in the office would probably send it around thinking it was sick but hilarious, others would feign disgust and want nothing to do with it, and maybe young Jimmy in the mail room or Big Pete over in the warehouse would sneak a copy home and wear himself out each night abusing his meat to the thought of being strapped down and having Big Red applied to all sorts of sensitive places...

But seriously, anybody wanna play?  Rain always makes me randy.