Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fit -n- Fuzzy and Fondled for Fun - SlowTeasingHandJobs

I've posted about this guy from SlowTeasingHandJobs before...he's a hot lean fuzzy young straight guy with a big mouth (and nice cock) who submits to Rich (et al) for some use and abuse.  Previously, he gets tied down, edged/teased and milked, spanked and roughed up and otherwise generally manhandled.

In the latest update to SlowTeasingHandJobs, we find the boy kicking back with Buff Daddy for a little "kinder gentler" playtime.  Note, he isn't bound or restrained in any way, but he's never-the-less treated like a total piece of meat to be used at one's leisure.

I like this guy's fuzzy bod and attitude.  He does try to get things to go his way, but as always, other forces will prevail.

Check out the full-size pics and the clip at SlowTeasingHandJobs.

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