Monday, June 06, 2011

Fit -n- Fuzzy Finds: 20yo hairy-chested Darius

Brian over at ChaosMen sure does manage to find some real doozies, this particular update is no exception.  Let's hope we see LOTS MORE of sexy Darius.  I happen to like 'em big and dumb (lookin' anyway) and Darius fits the bill beautifully.  He's 20, just over six feet tall, with a muscular hairy bod and great tan...and doesn't mind showing off his goods for the camera.

I'm already looking forward to seeing Darius' "serviced" and "edge" videos and I sure hope Brian manages to pair him up with some other manly stud-boys in his stable for some sweaty aggressive good times.  Check out Darius in full HD glory over at ChaosMen, and be sure to let Brian know you're ready for more of this stud!

And now I'm wondering if the guy is ticklish, if he's ever been tied up before, how sensitive his nipples are and what it'd be like to spank that muscular furry butt of his or to pound on those big meaty pecs for a while.  Ahh, precious youth.  Grrr!


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