Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What Would Boiconstrictor Do? - Caught Napping in the Park

When I see a sight like this I can't help but wonder:  If, when he finally regains consciousness, I were there with his shorts down around his ankles and his cock embedded in my throat, maybe playing with a nipple and/or tickling his balls and taint, what do you think he would do? Would he protest and jump up in a huff, or lie there pretending not to be awake until I finished him off?  Do you think the quality of the bj would matter, or the chances of being observed by any random onlookers, or is it purely an innate thing that no amount of first-class, grade-AAA premium cock sucking could hope to offset?

...or maybe I'd be better off bringing a buddy and a roll of duct tape and carting him off for use and abuse at some other time and location of my choosing...

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