Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DeathGames in the "Arena" - Kellan Lutz Abducted, Tortured & Forced to Fight

Hats off to my favorite non-kinky blog  Io9 for bringing my attention to this little doozy of a flick with the headline:  "Watch Samuel L. Jackson Kidnap Young Men and Make Them Fight to the Death"
The new movie, Arena (October 2011) is about a madman who kidnaps fit young alpha-male types and forces them to fight in online death matches.  It's been compared to an updated Spartacus: Blood and Sand or a low-tech Gamer but all I really care about is that it stars hollywood uber-stud Kellan Lutz (Twilight, Immortals, 90210, etc.) as David Lord, a particularly athletic firefighter, who's kidnapped and tortured into taking part in these ongoing webcast death-matches against other presumably coerced studs.

The idea of a muscled-up sasquatch like Lutz getting taken by force, tortured, humiliated and imprisoned and then forced to train and fight similar physical specimens is definitely in keeping with the spirit of my blog. I'm thinkin' NakedCombat crossed with BondageJeopardy or Men in Peril, maybe with some StraightHell mixed in for good measure.  The industry insiders seem to have pretty dismal views on Arena, and most seem to think it'll release direct-to-DVD (and cable?) when it comes out in October, but for my money it looks like a more entertaining (and sadistic) version of Fighting - the movie that let me down with not enough gratuitous Channing Tatum skin.

Arena also lists Beau Brasso in the mysterious role of "jailor"...

...I know nothing about the guy, but he looks like a scrappy little stud.  Maybe we'll get a gratuitous sweaty-n-shirtless head-to-head beatdown battle between Brasso and Lutz for all us "superfans" out here ;-)

Keep an eye out for Beau and Kellan (and Samuel L. Jackson!?!) in Arena this fall!

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