Saturday, April 09, 2011

Straignt, muscular, 24yo shy-guy John auditions at SlowTeasingHandJobs

Here's a tasty little update at one of my fave sites, SlowTeasingHandJobs...

Rich has shy muscular young hottie John in for one of his patented slow handjob auditions.
John is typical of Rich's hottie streak, young, tatt'd and edgy, masculine, decently hung and hard-up for cash.  Daddy Rich tells shy John to first strip down to his underwear and work his ample cock through his boxers...never wanting a boy to get too carried away, Rich then steps in and takes over.  Notice how young John assumes a submissive posture and immediately changes focus from the porn playing for his benefit to the his own cock being worked in another man's hands.  John goes through some interesting/intense facial expressions as he struggles not to let himself bust a nut while the old guy relentlessly works his nice cock.
My review after the jump...

Danger! Danger!

Comic books, pulp novels, Svengoolie and Elvira-worthy sci-fi and sword-n-sandals flicks - what do they have in common? Men in Peril.  From one of the creators of the Peril Digest periodical comes the Men in Peril! blog.  Kidnapped side-kicks, hostage heroes, trapped thugs and more in various perilous predicaments.

Who are your favorite Men in Peril?  Got any fan-art or stories you feel compelled to share?

Wanna wrassle? Dr. Strangeglove, or How I learned to love the singlet

Ah, the wonders of synthetic fabrics...truly, better living through chemistry ;-)

Some good old-fashioned HAZING

Gone are the days when fraternities, teams and ROTC chapters could actively use and abuse their pledges and rookies...right?  Images like these kinda make ya miss the good old/bad old days, eh?

I claim no ownership, but if anybody knows where I can find more images like these, please share...and if you're a fit young buck and feel like helping me re-enact any of the above scenarios, you just send along your contact info ;-)

Did somebody say Dudes in Trouble?

A secret obsession for several years now (since before he made the jump over to Blogspot), I've been perusing these fantasy(?) tales of peril with glee and horror.  What happens next?  Will the tough young hottie escape his bondage and torture ordeal? 
If you, like me, enjoy predicament bondage, muscled-up tough guys and alpha-male jock boys and a bit of an edge, then you GOTTA CHECK OUT DUDES IN TROUBLE

Best of Bound and Gagged Magazine through Bob Wingate's eyes

Bob Wingate, editor of the long-lost Bound and Gagged Magazine is alive and well and actively blogging about the past, present and future of BDSM and bondage performance art.  Find vintage guys tied up, updates on those hot B&G models, reviews of BDSM sites and videos, stories (true and fantasy alike!) and links to kinky material of all sorts.

BoiConstrictor's Bondage & BDSM Blog has begun!

AH, the beginning of the end is here!

This is the place for all the best of BoiConstrictor's kinky exploits in cyberspace and reality.  Find featured here:
  • Erotic (short) stories of the kinky variety.
  • True tales of Bondage and BDSM encounters and testimonials from submissive subjects.
  • Links to my favorite erotic sites and reviews of their content.
  • All manner of kinky artwork that 'turns my crank' and just might rev up yours - photos, drawings, animations, clips, etc.
  • Cries from a Captive Audience - the feedback and questions from my fans and followers
You'll find my tastes range from the mildly suggestive to the downright sadistic.  Find struggling men in handcuffs, helpless kidnap victims, tortured and abused POWs, fully restrained slave boys, curious guys taken advantage of and many shades in between.

Welcome!  Feel free to interact and enjoy!