Saturday, April 23, 2011

Speaking of IML...the ghost of IML past found some pics

Something from the wayback machine...a pair of guys, curiously restrained and treated in a very similar way to one another by me at IML.  They might've even been back-to-back sessions, so maybe I was at a loss for inspiration? lol

Wacky bondage shenanigans ensued...I love that hood, by the way.  Could be anybody under there and you'd have no idea who.  The first guy had a SICK body, which I thought was strange because all he did that weekend was sleep (except for playtime of course).  I tell ya, there's no replacement for good genetics.

International Mister Leather, May 27-30 2011, SWEET HOME CHICAGO

While I can't claim that it's the reason they have it, since I'm not old enough, IML almost always falls the weekend of my birthday (5/28).  Easily my favorite weekend of the year, the weather is usually great, there's a big parade (on State Street), a long weekend, buncha soldiers and sailors in town on leave, oh, and thousands of kinky leather men and boys from all over the world here to play in my home town.
Check out the IML 2011 Schedule of Events here:
You crazy kids only have about a month to get your gear together.  If you're in the market for new restraints, toys, gadgets, fetish-wear or what-have-you, it's not too late to place an order with Mr. S Leather, top-notch leather and fetish outfitter to the world.  THEY EVEN HAVE GIFTCARDS!
Some fun gear (and hot guys wearing it):

Anybody know an aspiring bodybuilder/escape-artist I can try these out on?  I'll offer a reward for his prompt capture and delivery - he's just gotta arrive in working condition with enough fight left in him to keep things interesting ;-)

Shop the rest of Mr. S' catalog, and if you want help trying out your new toys when they arrive, you know where to find me.

College Jock: Innocence Lost

Cleancut, wholesome, boyish...maybe with a hint of devious lurking behind the smile...
Not a bad bod either...looks promising, eh?

Well? YOU tell ME what happens next.  C'mon, give it your best shot, stud!

Whaddaya know, College Jock is a real guy after all...and here I thought I was mining the depths of the archives far enough back to be safe.  I wonder what he looks like now, and if he's still into gettin' tied up and played with?  hmmmm...

Spring Break 2011, third and final!

Easter weekend's a few days the guys will be back on campus with darker tans, lighter wallets (and nuts?!?) pumped-up egos and beaten-down livers.  One last hurrah before we brush the sand off and get back to the books?
You bet.  Just what kinda blog did you think this was, anyhow???

Muscular Masterpiece Makes Money while Moaning

Like other horny young college jocks, Gex has a body that is best displayed naked, spreadeagled and glistening - it's really quite flattering.  You can tell Gex likes looking at himself this way too.  His young muscular body writhes and squirms under Rich and Scott's expert ministrations, and they're very methodical with the college jock's performances:  edging, tickling, edging, tickling.  Oh, wait, maybe it's tickling, edging, tickling, edging.  Oh well, Gex is in no position to argue and when it boils right down to it, does it REALLY matter what order they happen in if they keep getting alternated back and forth, over and over, until the poor boy is a panting sweaty mess?

Check out Gex having his muscular bod tickled and Gex having his horny boy-cock worked to its limits in four different high-res clips (two tickle clips, two teasing clips) on SlowTeasingHandJobs.

Oh, and did I mention Gex is a broke college guy, so in addition to having a bangin' body he likes to show off, he works his charms and does what he can to put that bod to work for him, so you'll also find a few other vids featuring muscular young Gex lurking in the STHJ archive pages.

All these kinky visits with Rich and Scott - I wonder how Gex's grades are doing...Think he needs an anatomy tutor?

Young Muscular Construction Worker at SlowTeasingHandJobs

Shawn, an amiable enough fellow, decides to see what all the fuss is about at uncle Rich's.  They shoot vids there focusing on cum-control, teasing and milking - all things he's heard about, but never had the opportunity to try.  As Rich would probably say, there's a first time for everything (thank god for the small miracles, eh?)

So Shawn drops by...fresh off a construction job, feelin mellow and a little nervous.  Uncle Rich coaxes him to take a spin on camera and see what sort of...uh, stamina this young muscle bull has in him.  He's gotta strip down, get himself close and then sit back and let the expert take control of his cock.  Shawn's bod is big-n-beefy with a fair amount of ink coverage, his demeanor is the right mix of cocky-laidback-bulljock and nervous-straightboy-first-timer at the same time.  He also does something I LOVE when playing with a guy - he blushes just in time for the money-shot.

The most recent clip and pics are of Shawn's return for his first "Real" shoot.  Rich lays him out on the trusty massage table and goes to down on him.  Can't wait for the re-matches when Rich (or maybe Scott?) will umdoubtedly put this beefy boy through his paces good-n-proper.
(Rich, if you're reading this, that wasn't a request so much as a dare...surprise me you twisted perv!)

Re-setting the bar for the expression "built like a norse god"

The more teasers and sneak-peeks and glimpses I catch of the new movie Thor (6 May 2011 U.S.) the more apt the term "release date" seems.
'Thunder' on, after the jump...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Musings...: Is it a death-wish?

Musings...: Is it a death-wish?: "I was recently asked to present the topic of Breath Control as an educational topic at a leather event. I declined because I didn’t think I..."

See my response in the comments on Reddywhip's blog.

In short:  You should fear kinky play scenarios, just like you fear eating, leaving the house or falling in love.

...and once you're past that fear, shoot me an email and let's set up some playtime.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Tex - the rematch

Guess who inevitably wanted some more?
;-) Porn Site Removes Real World Star's Vid Porn Site Removes Real World Star's Vid: "Videos featuring Real World Las Vegas cast member Dustin Zito having sex with men while performing for adult companies Fratmen and Fratpad h..."

Click your mouse button three times and say with me:
-the internet never forgets
-the internet never forgets
-the internet never forgets

I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this... Aquaman Hottie Alan Ritchson Sings the National An...

I don't watch 90210, not in it's current incarnation anyway, but this kid could get me to start...
Too bad American TV is so blandly "family friendly" though - think of the possibilities! Aquaman Hottie Alan Ritchson Sings the National An...

Big Tex - Gentle Giant with a PIGGY Side

Never knew a whole lot about this guy really.
You know how sometimes you mess around with a guy and in retrospect you could SWEAR he was straight...or married...or in the witness protection program?  Yeah, this guy was maybe all of the above - I never quite put my finger on it, but I'm sure that was all part of his charming plan.
What I do know?  He's a biggun' about 6'4" but broad-shouldered, dark-featured, solid triathlete.  Cleancut, all-american jock next door with a furry chest, a swingin' piece of beef-stick and a laid back demeanor (hiding a kinky, perverted, twisted little masochist sub boy deep down inside).  Likes baseball, beer and havin his hot fuzzy ass played with relentlessly.  And did I mention he's a Texan? Gig 'em Aggies!

The Quiet Game.

We're going to play the quiet game.
You just lie there and look sexy and try to ignore what I'm going to do to you.
No, no, no...scout's honor, it won't leave any marks in the morning.
Yes, yes.  I promise. Absolutely safe.
Here's a gag, boy, it'll help you keep quiet.  Well, since you're tied up all helpless there and can't interfere with what I'm about to do, the least I can do for you is gag you to help make this quiet game fair and all.

OK now, ready for it boy?

I know, I know - I'm too nice sometimes...what can I say? 
Consider this practice, we'll start the quiet game when I get back from getting us some refreshments....
The cat's around here too somewhere, and you know how playful she gets.  She can knock those clothespins around the kitchen floor for hours...if I put a couple on the curtains or the edge of a pillow she goes BONKERS trying to bat 'em off.  It's hilarious, you'll see!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How do you prefer your (bound) Beef?

Check this Out

Check this Out

bas-relief abs are awesome, but ABSolutely delicious when they glisten (and come with a generous side dish of cocky)...
Give a looksie over at Hi-Def Abs for more "inspiration"


Healthy Male Volunteers Needed for Medical Study...

Something else from good ole RopeJock, eerily similar to the previous story, so I'm posting them on the same day.

The Volunteer

by FingrFethr
Scott was broke; it came down to that. Only November of his freshman year and he'd learned that he couldn't hold to a budget. Terrific - he was that much closer to "knowing himself," but he was still broke. With a heavy class schedule and two part-time jobs, he didn't have any more time to earn money to make up for his proficiency in spending it. As he contemplated his situation over a dorm lunch and a copy of the campus newspaper, Scott noticed a small advertisement:
Healthy male volunteers needed for medical study. Three 2-hour sessions. Pay involved. Call for information and initial screening. 

Tickling Tale: "Test Subject"

Another flashback from Jack's Rack, this one entitled "Test Subject" by somebody who calls himself "Ratty"

Behold and wonder...

Test Subject

by Ratty

Working at the Institute did have its advantages. That was hard for me to appreciate at the time, though. The pay was lousy, job security was non-existent, being as it was, entirely grant-dependant, and the people I worked with were, quite frankly, weird. But the Kinsey Institute of Behavioral Sciences, located smack dab in the heart of the UC Berkeley campus, was a dream come true for me in one respect.
You see, I'm into tickling. 

...and that's when I had my way with the swim coach: My Playtime with "Ian"

This beefy italian jock appeared a few times on Boundguys and Capturedguys about a decade ago.  Little did I know, he was a resident of the Chicago area at the time (and an ardent Cubs fan).  Sexy, a little cocky & full of himself and apparently prefers to play dom, at least when there's not a camera involved - but he's a good guy coaching young swimmers in his spare time.  He appeared on Boundguys as "Ian" so we'll go with that - names changed to protect the guilty and all that jazz.

Well anyway, our paths actually crossed a couple times a few years back, and I've recently re-discovered the pics to prove it ;-)  Check 'em out, after the jump...

Spring Break 2011, part 2

More hot young guys sportin' their beachwear.  Where's that cabana boy with my next margarita?

- mucho mas after the jump -

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Teen Totally Taken Advantage of by Terrible Two-some

An old story, but a good one, I've come across several different edits of "The Prisoner" over the years, but this one is my favorite.  By somebody called "Perseus" from the wilds of the world wide interwebs message boards.  Yes folks, the "kids" are alright, but they'll be full-fledged predatory perverts before they get their driver's licenses at this rate...


Spring Break 2011, woo-hoo!

Panama City, Myrtle Beach, Tahoe, the Jersey Shore, San Diego, Cancun, Miami, South Padre Island, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas...If your Spring Break 2011 is happening in your head thanks to being spring broke, fear not! Gaze upon the following beach bodies in my photo-homage to Spring Breaks past, present and yet to come...

-ample eye-candy after the jump-

Monday, April 18, 2011

Front. Double. Bi.

The front double bicep pose, one of bodybuilding's tried and true and probably the most universally recognizable of the standard poses.  The best way for a guy to look properly swole, jacked, massive, beastly, etc. and an absolute must, if you're an arm afficionado (like me!)
- many more after the jump -

19yo Muscled-up Straight Boy Wesley

What's not to like about this dude...great lean-muscled bod sporting some ink, nice cock, young (19yo) and friendly to boot.  The only thing that would make him better is if he let somebody film and take pictures of him jerking off...oh wait, that DID happen ;-)  - more Wesley after the jump-

The Bigger They Are...

Hormones in the food, steroids in the water, pheromones in the air - whatever the reason, today we grow 'em BIG.  Here's my ongoing examination of how the world is Building a Bigger Better Breed of Bruiser... (plenty of evidence after the jump)

the Bathroom Mirror

Something's totally wrong with my bathroom never turn out very good when I try to use it.  Remind me next time I'm at Home Depot I need to pick up the kind of bathroom mirror *these* guys have been using...

Many more shots after the jump...

Milking The Bull

Never was there a more evocative title.  (full story after the jump)

Milking The Bull



This is purely a work of fiction, based on a drawing titled "Milking the Bull" by Franco. Thank you Franco for inspiring this story.

Billy 'Bull' Olson was full of himself, no doubt about it. The twenty year old college football jock had everything going for him, all-American boy next door looks, a rep for being a cleancut and straightforward guy, good grades and his family had money. The only area that fell below his expectations was his social life, not that Billy was unpopular, but he didn't have a lot of free time to devote to dating, and very few girls were understanding if you didn't fawn all over them constantly. Thus Billy currently found himself between girlfriends and spent what free time he had with his own right hand, which always seemed to know EXACTLY how to sate Billy's libido. Still, Billy missed the way he could just lie back and let someone else get his nut when he had a cooperative steady who liked to suck. He just loved getting good head, of course very few girls could take all of Billy's bountiful endowment, one of those things that had earned him the nickname 'Bull'. Billy sprung an erection with a nine inch length and a four inch girth when aroused to his full tumescent glory, and one of his teammates had once joked that it was a good thing he wasn't on the baseball team because the pitcher might grab the wrong ball.

Guess what's going on in the guest-room? Boiconstrictor Bondage!

Early 30's, lean hard body, big juicy cock and a nice guy too (I love being mean to nice guys - have no idea what it is!)  We took over his guestroom for the evening since the bed was more conducive to bondage play (not that that's ever stopped me before).

More imagery after the jump...

From the BoiConstrictor Archives: Business Trip Bondage

Thumbing through the archives...
This guy was in town for a business trip and had a free evening before he flew out.  Met him late in the evening at his hotel downtown...he had just showered and was pacing the hotel room waiting for me to arrive.  I stripped him down...he was a lean, muscular guy with germanic features and a runner's legs and ass.  He was equipped with an average-length cut dick, a little on the thick side, which responded instantly to the lightest touch.  In no time I had him gagged and hooded and splayed across his bed for a good proper working-over. (continued with more pics after the jump)