Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summer Movie Stud Bondage Poll - Which Box-Office Stud do YOU Want to Have in Bondage?

A friendly reminder to take the poll to the left (my first ever!)
Only a couple more days to vote for the summer movie hunk you'd MOST like to have tied up in your playroom! (presumably, to have your way with him, but I'll leave that up to your imagination).  Highly unscientific, but I'll take the top three and run them off against each other later for King of the Bondage Fan-tasy ;-)

- VERY surprised that with his new movie already out (Dylan Dog: Dead of Night) Brandon Routh hasn't yet garnered any votes.  C'mon guys, he was SUPERMAN for crying out loud!

- After witnessing that intense and sweaty torture scene from Casino Royale, and with his turn as a hunky cowboy in Cowboys & Aliens coming up, I'm likewise surprised nobody has further bondage fantasies of Daniel Craig.  Is it because you've all already seen his muscled-bod tied to a chair and unspeakably tortured?

- As much as I'd die fap-ing to see Captain America, Thor and Green Lantern lube-wrestle for top spot in this contest, it's becoming apparent that all things are not equal as far as Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds are concerned.

- I've had a couple people send write-ins: 
1)Polynesian Pecs, aka Jason Momoa is doing a reboot or prequel of Conan the Barbarian, but that's not on the horizon for this summer, so he'll have to wait til next year's poll (unless he gets a ton more write-ins) though he does have an equally-barbaric and scantily clad role in HBO's Game of Thrones which just started airing. 
2)Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2's Daniel Radcliffe is in a similar boat...his movie isn't out until fall, and he's cute, but hardly hunky or studly, so I gotta take a pass on him.
3)The Winchester boys, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of TV series Supernatural are both very definitely near the top of my list of studs I'd love to slip my cuffs on, so I'm right there with ya reader, but neither has a movie project releasing this summer (that I'm aware of) so I'm thinking we'll need to wait for my TV poll
--Incidentally, if either one of them read this, call me, I promise to be gentle - at least in the beginning.  I don't leave marks, and your girlfriend or publicist will never have to know. ;-)
HOWEVER, I never say never, so if any particular stud gets enough write-in entries to match any of the hottie actors already on the poll, I'll add them to the mix when I do the finalist run-off poll later.  PROMISE.

Feel free to spread the word, and thanks for playing!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Freakin' Fit Flex-Friday and Royal Wedding (Best Man) Fantasies

Since Easter is behind us, back to beef on Friday, right?

Kinky Question in the Mail Bag: Define Str8

I love reader mail...sadly, alot of it is too specific to repost without CIA level redacts, but here's an innocent enough one for your weekend wondering...

I'm a str8 guy who wants 2 b tied restrictively! Could I b bound
without sex, edging etc? to tackle that one.  I guess the quick version depends on who's asking, right?
Anyway, here goes:

Links with Lots to Like: SlowTeasingHandJobs, StraightMenInTrouble and ReluctantYoungMen (all formerly of AbusedForMoney)

Since traffic has spiked so dramatically the last week or so, I'm thinking there must be something here people wanna see/read.  It follows then that my viewers might be interested in checking out a couple of my favorite kinky sites.  Honest, first-hand (so to speak, he he he) and unbiased reviews of SlowTeasingHandJobs, StraightMenInTrouble and ReluctantYoungMen when you click the "read more" link...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Special Thank You for 10,000 Visitors!

With a special 10,000th visitor story after the jump (from the RopeJock archives)
I've only been blogging a couple weeks (after putting in mothballs) and it's great so see I must be piqueing some interests or hitting some nerves, hopefully some combination of both ;-)

Cum Control Lesson for a Straight Boy...

Beefy and Bound - From the BDSM Wayback Machine

Some more goodies from the archives...beefy bound boy (with a flag down on the play for inappropriate use of exercise equipment)

The head-harness is HOT...somebody buy me one from Mr. S, pronto!

More beefy bound stud after the jump...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RealWorld Stud Secret Revealed: The "Other Shoe" Drops

On tonight's episode of MTV's guilty (but predictable) pleasure The Real World, fresh-faced hottie Dustin Zito revealed his big secret:
He appeared on a gay porn site.

Short -n- Sweet & Truly Twisted: The Stable

Here's a nifty little tale from the Hooder story archive...insert whomever you wish in place of the poor guys gettin forcibly milked (don't we all do that anyway?)

If you're hard-pressed for inspiration, maybe use some of the celebrity beef from the Summer Movie Bondage Poll, or the cast of Glee, the hotties from your gym (did they catch you looking?), your long-lost frat bros, or the guys in your favorite porno (you know, the one that always does it for ya, no matter what sorta mood you're in)

The shortest, hottest story you'll read all day, after the jump - GUARANTEED


Summer Movie Bondage?

Everybody's got a matinee-idol fantasy lurking in them somewhere, so I'm coaxing 'em outta ya.  From the selection of Prime USDA Beef below, select which Summer Movie Stud you would most like to have restrained in your playroom.

In reverse alpha order, I give you my Summer 2011 Dirty Dozen, after the jump:

Afternoon Delight: Horny Jocks - Rendered Helpless

More classic DIY bondage awesomeness from RopeJock.  I wonder if he ever shopped at Mr. S, or if he just built it all himself?  Isn't it hot (and scary) to know that right now you're the only boy in the world who's tied up that way...?

Hot, but a little too artsy-cratsy for ya? Pop on over to Mr. S and find something sleek and fancy to keep your boy all strapped down then.

Cafeteria's got Beef for Lunch - second course

I told ya thee was more coming...geez, you're a real meat-n-potato kinda guy, aren't ya?  More helpings after the jump...

Cafeteria's got Beef for Lunch - first course

Cornfed beef like this is best when it's slow-cooked in its own juices for a while.  Trust me, you keep it simmering all day, and you get a succulent mouth-ful later.  More meaty morsels after the jump...

It Takes Two to Tangle - Weds. Wrasslin'

Wrestling - one of the oldest sports in existence.  Since ape first challenged ape for food, territory, sex, there has been wrestling.  A true test of wills, a battle for supremacy.  Today we stand around all civilized, gathered in our tribes (with cameras!), while our bravest and best goes one-on-one with the other guys' fittest warrior.  Two men enter, one man leaves.  Still, it doesn't get more basic, more primal, than muscle vs. muscle.

ROTC Bondage Hazing - to get ya over the hump

Never get drunk with your ROTC Sergeant and pass out on his couch instead of leaving with the rest of  your unit.  This is what happens:
Ya think he kept him around just until he sobered up and learned his lesson, or do you think liberties were taken with the drunken cadet?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Buddy Bondage Games (MEGAPOST)

Who says bondage has to be complicated to be secure and interesting?  These guys manage with some rope (looks like clothesline) a few bandanas and some duct tape.

I've come across various pics from this set over the last several years.  There's nothing particularly creative about the bondage, the poor guy's not in particularly amazing shape or anything (he is cute though) and the scenarios don't really tell a story, except a couple of young guys got bored and decided to tie each other up.  Ok, maybe it's an older brother asserting his supremacy over a younger brother...or maybe it's roomate hazing?  So maybe there are a couple stories in there.  But I held onto these pics because they are VERY reminiscent of my early dabblings in bondage, with nothing more than a few yards of cotton clothesline, some bandanas or handkerchiefs (or rags) and some duct tape - and, of course, a willing playmate.

Well, maybe he started out willing...

Home Gym to Home Dungeon - Just Add Restraints

Down in the basement or out in the garage really workin' up a minute you're buddy's offering to spot you, and before you know it, you're securely restrained to that old heavy weight bench and completely at his mercy.  A little rope or tape can breathe new life into an old home gym setup.  Soloflex is solo no more!
Doms, a little advice:  the best time to spring this sort of surprise is toward the end of your buddy's workout, when he's starting to lose steam and really feel the burn, and it can't hurt to have a protein shake standing by ;-)

Showing Off is a Team Sport, pt 2

Flexers' revenge!
A life-long love of showing off is a hard habit to break.  Everyplace a young jock goes these days there are people watching, camera phones, mirrors (sometimes all of the above) just waiting to catch that next hot pose.  Bringing a bud along is GUARANTEED to escalate the situation to a full-on posedown for the adoring fans beginning to gather...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Showing Off is a Team Sport

Seneca famously noted "nothing is pleasurable to possess without friends to share it," and a sexy body is no exception.  Behold, photographic evidence that exhibitionism is surely a spectator sport and there is no "I" in "Team"