Saturday, May 07, 2011

Friday Night First-Timer Tales - "Keith's First Bondage Experience"

Something to cozy up with in the wee hours.  From the RopeJock Archive

Keith's First Bondage Experience

by MPKidder

I don't know why I am turned on by bondage, I just am. I have always had an interest in bondage ever since I accidentally handcuffed myself to me bed. (That's another story.) Let me first tell you a little about me. I'm 19, a senior in High School, love football and I'm the captain of the basketball team. I'm also bi but I have always acted straight. My parents don't even know about my sexuality. I'm 6'2", and in good shape. I really look like an athlete. After every football game, at least five girls ask me out. I really don't go out much though. Usually, after school, I go home and fantasize about being tied up securely and having some guy have his way with me. He would massage me, explore my body, run ice cubes up and down my chest, jack me off, stuff like that. I never played out any of my fantasizes though, until now. I recently had my first bondage experience and I'd like to tell you about it.

There is this adult bookstore in my neighborhood that I would frequently visit. They had a nice selection of bondage videos and books and adult toys. I picked up this magazine and thumbed through it. In the back of the magazine they had some personals. Some sounded hot, others sounded very dull. One ad though caught my eye.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Night Flex-Fest, 7th and final contestant, lucky

Friday Night Flex-Fest, 6th contestant, pete

Friday Night Flex-Fest, 5th contestant, viking

Friday Night Flex-Fest, 4th contestant, romeo

Friday Night Flex-Fest - 3rd contestant, scud

Friday Night Flex-Fest - 2nd contestant, otter

Friday Night Flex-Fest - 1st Contestant, ginger

Beefy Bound Boy

Something to start out the weekend just a little bit kinky.   Think of it as inspiration for Date Night.  The rest of the story after the jump

IML Weekend Sleeping Arrangements

There's only a couple weeks before IML (Memorial Day Weekend, 5/27-30) So I hope you're making your arrangements, if you haven't already
Whether you're crashing on a friend's fold-out, or staying all alone in a hotel room...

...or traveling with some buddies...

 better book it soon, or better luck next year!