Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not Necessarily Nude

Sometimes it's about what you leave on, rather than what you take off.

I Tied Up the Guy who Tied this Guy Up

...and if that's not confusing enough, I then, eventually, tied this guy up myself as well.

A Kinky Furry Dude

No idea where these came from...coulda been from a profile I thought was hot, mighta been from an email correspondence, a chat idea, but he looks like fun.

And I think this second pic sold it to me.  It's just hot, don't ya think?

Or maybe this is more your speed?

Rapture Saturday - Assortment

Some whacko nut-job evangelist preacher (how many layers of redundant is that?) thinks 5/21/11 is the end of the world.  <insert Buffy The Vampire Slayer apocalypse joke here>
But, you know, just in case it really is the end (for real this time), I might not get a chance to post these, so here goes:

Go Ahead, Treat Yourself - Fuzzy Muscled Young Jock In Bondage(?)

Anybody wanna see this guy in bondage?

Saturday on the Water - Further Adventures in the Life Aquatic

I would totally watch, buy tickets for, and probably wager on, a sport where guys got locked in a cage for combat, and the winner gets to fuck the loser.  I'm sure that I'm not alone in this regard, and can't help but wonder if there isn't a percentage of WWE or UFC fan-base who secretly harbors similar wishes.  While I don't see this coming to pay-per-view anytime soon, I do think it would be an interesting training exercise for an NCAA squad looking to hone their edge and really kick the competition up a notch (or twelve). 

The Jogger - a True Tickling Tale from the RopeJock Archive

If you're anything like me, you always wonder what sorts of trouble the avid jogger can get himself into.  Running around scantily clad at all hours of the night sometimes in the wee hours, what terrors lurk around the lonely jogging paths in the dead of night (or even on quiet sunny afternoons in the semi-rural suburbs).  How vulnerable is the toughest tough-guy towards the end of one of his long training runs, when all he can think about is a cool drink of water and a long shower?  Sometimes they're so in the zone, the rest of the world buzzing around them barely registers.  It would be so easy, wouldn't it?

The Jogger

by Ratty

One thing I've never posted before are my various tricks for meeting ticklish guys. These are, unfortunately, trade secrets of mine, duly registered with the US Patent Office. But one of my more successful methods, and a true story, I am willing to share for the first time ever. It involves purchasing personal ads in the local newspapers.
Over the years I have refined this method to the point where it just about always works. I first got a private PO Box when I was a freshman in college and I still have it today. I consider it one of my most cherished possessions and the smartest investment I ever made. I started out posting tickling ads, seeking guys interested in being tickled. I changed the wording over several tries, trying to install a sense of trustworthiness, phrasing it as a challenge, or appealing to some deep curiosity never before satisfied. But I just never seemed to have any luck with this approach. However when I experimented with a generic bondage ad, nothing about tickling mentioned at all, I hit paydirt! Now the same tricks with wording I had tried earlier, trying to project a sympathetic and trustworthy personality, appeals to curiosity, all combined to reel in a bigger and bigger catch each time. I found I had still better luck when I didn't limit my ads to the local gay newspapers, but included our area's various free rags, especially those favored by the local fraternities. Adding a mention of my particular fondness for married men (yes, I'm a terrible person), yielded one of my more interesting experiences.

All the Singlet Laddies! All the Singlet Laddies! (MEGA POST)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Secure-a-Stud - RopeJock Recommendations

Keeping your muscle boy in range of your tickling tools or your jock bull stud securely strapped down can be the most challenging and fun part of kinky play.

Behold the following images from the RopeJock archive, scenes of Jack's homemade restraint apparatus to keep a tough-guy right where ya want him for a long slow tickling and teasing session...who knows, after a few hours of that, there might still be enough energy left over for a couple rounds of milking, so you'll want that boy to be very secure.
Vulnerability and Access are key concepts and need to be addressed.

A Visit to the TickleMaster

A buddy of mine, the TickleMaster, sent these to me from a scene of his a while back.  He's an expert tickler, overall foot afficionado and evil edger and cum controller.

The Nutcracker? Sweet!!

Assume *THE* Position

Two WHOLE Feet

Assuming the rest of him is equally secure, this dude is so screwed.

Ninety Nine Cents of Rope...

Pup Punishment

Bad boy!
Down in the basement!

So Straight It's Gay - Retro Metro in the Pages of Physique Pictorial

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calling All IML Studs: Ready for your Close-Up?!?

Go see Smokey over at Smokey Productions and set up a time and place to get your fun photos taken while you're in town for IML this year.  Hunky headshots, kinky candids, suitable for framing or pics for your page or profile or blog - tell Smokey Boiconstrictor sent ya! 

Blindfolded and Brought to the Brink - Edgy Edgings

Boiconstrictor's BDSM Bargain Basement

Now, don't start calling me an enabler or anything like that, but for your boys who love your poppers room-odorizers (head-cleaner, man-scents, etc....), I've got a little deal:

A three-pack of 10ml Genuine Rush for $23.95!?!?!

Kinky post-hump-day yet pre-weekend hotness...

In keeping with the earlier theme this week of "Hairy = Hot" I've found a few supporting documents:

Clinical Focus, Measurable Results - Semen Extraction Procedure

I can't for the life of me remember where I found this little write-up...(if somebody knows, please tell me!) but I have a hunch it was somebody's call for help on an edging or milking forum.  Actually sorta hot to think a sub guy probably wrote this up hoping/wishing somebody would follow it to the letter with himself as the subject - talk about writing your own ticket!

Anyway, I liked the detached and rather clinical way it reads.  What muscle bull jock boy stands a chance against a few strategic restraints and a focused, determined milker?  I definitely recommend he's had his protein shake first, and have some recovery beverages standing's going to be a long workout, bro.

Predilection for Padalecki - Supernatural Stud in Bondage

I hadn't realized just how bondage-happy the folks making Supernatural seem to be, until I started DVRing episodes recently.

I KNOW What I Like When I See It

The last few hours' worth of finds from profiles and other kinky blogs...