Friday, May 27, 2011

IML Bound - The Boy Scout Motto

"Be Prepared" is what they hammered into our little brains as Boy Scouts, and the same advice holds whether you're prepping for a camping trip in the wilderness, or bear hunting in Chicago over IML weekend - Be Prepared.

Commemorating IML 2011 with Kinky Retro-Pics

IML 2011 Commemorative Flashback Photos - Oldies but Goodies

IML 2011 Retro Bondage Flashback: AnythingButVanilla Club

From the long-defunct Yahoo Club "AnythingButVanilla"

I know they didn't originate there, I've seen the rest of these sets pop up on various fetish sites and galleries over the years, in various states of completion and scan quality, and I'm fairly certain they all pre-date the internet as scans from fetish magazines in the 70's and 80's...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Honor of IML 2011 - Kinky Flashback: Ethan of Sockgagged

For the record, I thought the SockGagged guys put together some hot all had that bored-horny-buds-experimenting-with-bondage vibe to it.  Their vids are floating around still, available in the AEBN Video-on-Demand and Pay-per-View theater (on the left side and bottom of my page)

International Mister Leather 2011 - Sweet Home Chicago

IML weekend is always a favorite time of year for me.  I'm into kinky stuff, sure, but more importantly, I'm into kinky guys, and IML brings in sexy kinky men and boys from all over the world by the thousands.  IML weekend also has a special place in my heart because my birthday usually falls on Memorial Day weekend, or close enough to celebrate anyway! - this year it's Saturday, woo-hoo!

Anyway, I had a "holy shit" moment earlier in the day when I realized my first IML was 1996, when I was finishing my freshman year in college...I've only missed one in the intervening years since.

 ...lots of memories (just like these retro bondage pics, mainly from the pages of Bound and Gagged Magazine - defunct, but hopefully poised to make a comeback any month now...)

A Happy IML from the Birthday Boiconstrictor, and whatever your kink and whomever your type, I hope you find your fun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ransoming the Pennsylvania Kid - the Further Adventures

As introduced earlier in the month, the Pennsylvania Kid is still being kept hanging around, waiting for new followers of my blog.

But, as promised, more followers have been added, so more pics are being released.

Follow along, after the jump...

Monday, May 23, 2011