Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fit -n- Fuzzy and Fondled for Fun - SlowTeasingHandJobs

I've posted about this guy from SlowTeasingHandJobs before...he's a hot lean fuzzy young straight guy with a big mouth (and nice cock) who submits to Rich (et al) for some use and abuse.  Previously, he gets tied down, edged/teased and milked, spanked and roughed up and otherwise generally manhandled.

To get your best-bud bound and gagged, first you gotta TAKE HIM DOWN

Whether you prefer a more aggressive and active approach, or just wanna get him liquored-up and bide your time...

 Eventually, he's going down.  What comes next, is entirely a matter of your motivation and imagination.

What Would Boiconstrictor Do? - Caught Napping in the Park

When I see a sight like this I can't help but wonder:  If, when he finally regains consciousness, I were there with his shorts down around his ankles and his cock embedded in my throat, maybe playing with a nipple and/or tickling his balls and taint, what do you think he would do? Would he protest and jump up in a huff, or lie there pretending not to be awake until I finished him off?  Do you think the quality of the bj would matter, or the chances of being observed by any random onlookers, or is it purely an innate thing that no amount of first-class, grade-AAA premium cock sucking could hope to offset?

...or maybe I'd be better off bringing a buddy and a roll of duct tape and carting him off for use and abuse at some other time and location of my choosing...

Monday, June 06, 2011

Give 'Em What They Came For! or Ask a Kinky Question, Get a Kinky Answer.

Uh, so I'm a relatively new blogger, but I've had a website in some incarnation or another for ages (off and on since college, if anybody's counting).  I may not be the most frequent updater (remember the gap between Boiconstrictor.com 1.0 and 2.0, anyone, anyone???) but I do try to stay in touch with my fan-base and figure out how people find me and what they come looking for.

So I was checking my stats tonight, and voila!  See for yourself:
Right smack dab in the middle, with 3 (?!?) separate hits, "how long can I leave a clothespin on his balls for?"
Now...I'm all for trying to keep your subs' well-being in mind and I'm even for using the world-wide interwebs for looking up answers to random questions (medical, technical or otherwise) but WTF...is there really a market for clothespin torture duration advice out there???  If so, how do I cash in on it? ;-)

I really hope, he (she? they??) come back again, and this time find the answer to the question:
As long as you damn well please.  If he let you put the clothespins on his balls in the first place, then it's entirely up to YOU when they come off!
That's my quick and dirty answer anyway.

Fit -n- Fuzzy Finds: 20yo hairy-chested Darius

Brian over at ChaosMen sure does manage to find some real doozies, this particular update is no exception.  Let's hope we see LOTS MORE of sexy Darius.  I happen to like 'em big and dumb (lookin' anyway) and Darius fits the bill beautifully.  He's 20, just over six feet tall, with a muscular hairy bod and great tan...and doesn't mind showing off his goods for the camera.