Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Movie Studs in Bondage - Paul Walker vs. Ryan Reynolds vs. Chris Evans vs. Henry Cavill

Which of the following Summer Movie Studs would you MOST like to see in bondage or a BDSM scene, either in-person or on-screen?

These are the final four, as selected by you, my readers, from earlier this year.  Half of the movies are out and the other half are coming soon, but I'll give you a couple weeks to sort out which ones are your favorites.
You boys voted earlier in the preliminaries of my Summer Blockbuster Beefcake in Bondage fantasy poll.  Basically, which summer movie studs would you MOST LIKE to have in bondage and at your disposal.  The choices were narrowed down to these four, two in movies already out, and two in movies still awaiting release.

Henry Cavill plays a buffed-up Theseus in Immortals (from the producers of musclebound 300!) alongside mega-musclestud Kellan Lutz, a bulked-up Stephen Dorff, muscle-daddy Mickey Rourke, B-movie him-bo Corey Sevier,  Smallville's studly Steve Byers, and sexy young unknown Joseph about stacking the deck!  Mr. Cavill, best known for his frequently shirtless stint on the Tudors, has also been selected as the next Superman, in an upcoming reboot to the franchise.

A pair of sexy government agents, albeit with two very different operational methods are going head-to-head in the poll as well.  Paul Walker of Fast 5ive, the latest fast and furious entry, tied for first place with America's comic book super-soldier, Captain America.

If they tie again, I'm gonna have to contact their publicists to set up an arm-wrestling match (my first choice would be speedo & lube submission wrestling, but I doubt that would fly, sadly - tough to insure!) between the two of them for the tie-breaker ;-)

Completing the transition from cute funny-guy to studly full-fledged leading man, is Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern (the Hal Jordan version, for the rest of you comic book geeks!).  Apparently Hal's not the only hottie in the Jordan family - look for Martin, Jack and Jim Jordan, played by Jon Tenney, Mike Doyle and Nick Jandl respectively.

As with the previous poll, I'll take write-ins, but it'll be tough to displace any of these guys for sheer box-office draw.  STILL, just like I encourage in my bondage playmates attempting to escape, you're welcome to try all you want ;-)

On the horizon, I'm looking for suggestions for your favorite TV studs you'd most like to see in bondage.  Submissions start now and I'll put together a field of 8-10 candidates for your consideration, depending on how fast those submissions come at me.  Send your emails or add to the comments here NOW!

As we say here in Chicago, be sure to vote early and often!!  The poll gadget is located in the upper right side of the blog.  Link to the recap of the previous poll here.