Saturday, July 02, 2011

Smartphone, Dumb Jock

...Now before anybody gets bent outta shape by the post title - I'll invoke author's privilege and pass a heaping helping of STFU.

If I found out that any of these studs was a fan of my blog, I'd probably buy him a new camera and give him strict instructions to update me with locker-room or bathroom mirror pics on a DAILY BASIS until further notice - just sayin'

A Boy I Wanna Play with - Tuff n Fuzzy Sub Jock

 But wait, there's more...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Movie Studs in Bondage Poll - VOTE NOW!

Friendly reminder that the Summer Movie Studs in Bondage Poll is still open.  (at the top of the right-hand column here in my blog)

My trusty readers narrowed down the selection tho these four studs a few weeks back, and now they're going head to head ( head to head) til we come up with a champion.  I WISH I could lock them all in a room with three sets of handcuffs, and the winner would be the last one left standing unbound (or would that make him the loser?!?) but that's a tough stunt to get somebody to underwrite the insurance for, so we'll have to put that off til at least next summer.

If you want my take (of course you do, right?) here they go...

Mr. Henry Cavill's frequent shirtlessness is one of the things that made The Tudors worth enduring (sorry - I hear Tudor and think of my european history class and immediately start dozing off...).  Being a period piece however, his hair was sorta, well, big, and his bod was sorta, well, pasty.  The publicity shots for Tarsem Singh's Immortals, on the other hand, speaks of Henry's dedication to the gym, fight choreography and tanning....A step in the right direction indeed.  Given that this is coming at us in much the same aesthetic vein as 300, I can expect glistening pecs and feats of heroic manliness to abound.  So would I kick Mr. Cavill outta my dungeon playroom? No. BUT, there are other fitter and more enticing slabs of beef hanging in this meat locker...

Something about Paul Walker screams "San Diego" - in my head, anyway.  Ruggedly handsome, with a watersports bod (you know which type I mean) and those occasional Keanu expressions of cluelessness (close your mouth, kid, you'll swallow a bug!) in stark contrast to that gleaming feral grin of his - dude's sure got a purty mouth.  Mini-(Matthew)Mcconaughey anyone?  Anyway, his first outing in Fast and Furious got my attention, but Into the Blue really made me take notice.  Casting him as a fed isn't really a stretch, but I'd be really curious to see him in a super-hero or some other fantasy role - maybe encouraged to add 20-25lbs of lean mass prior to shooting.  Is it too "Hollywood mogul" of me to say I'd take him, but he wouldn't be my first choice?

Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place seems so far off in the hazy past of Ryan Reynolds' acting career that it hardly seems worth mentioning, except for the fact that you could tell he was a sexy little smartass then, and he's only gotten sexier in the intervening years.  Van Wilder was tough to frame erotically, yet there was some skin there in all fairness, but Mr. Reynolds really made a splash in a lust-object sort of way with Blade Trinity and then Amityville Horror, clearly after having spent some quality time working out (AND EATING!).  He seems quite a bit leaner in Green Lantern (hard to tell through all the CGI) but definitely more defined...definitely ;-)  If I had to run out and procure all-yellow restraints and toys to make our kinky play session fit Green Lantern canon, you better believe I'd do it in a heartbeat - and watch out for that wet yellow paint there!

However, I'm not quite sure what it is about Chris Evans, but he's my number one pick (and looks like the number one pick for many of you too).  Was it the whip cream and banana scene from Not Another Teen Movie? Something enticing about his man-whore portrayal of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies?  The eyebrows? Who knows...
I'm a sucker for a fuzzy bod and a great chest, and Chris Evans proudly sports both...he's got a smartass streak in him somewhat akin to Ryan Reynolds, and definitely looks delicious in print and on the big screen alike.  I also kinda have the feeling the guy would really get into being strapped down and worked over (stripped, tied, teased/edged, tickled, flogged, milked, etc.) and maybe even get off on watching the video of himself later -- but that's just a hunch!  ;-)

There ya have it...the best I can do to articulate it for y'all...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In honor of Pride...a little retro Bondage

Proud to be of service.  Whatever you're up to out there, be safe.

Happy Pride,