Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too Kinky for Grindr (?)

So with my recent foray into the world of Android, I have been experimenting with using my phone for all sorts or random things...purely for research purposes, of course ;-)
One of my fascinations has recently been with Grindr and a few other apps which use hybrid location data (i.e. GPS, cell tower triangulation and wi-fi hotspots) to make connections (Radar for Adam4Adam, and Manhunt Mobile, specifically).

I think I might've downloaded and installed the Grindr app a week ago, maybe a whole week, and already I am banned.  Apparently it's OK to cruise random strangers for sex, as long as there is no actual mention of sex, or sexual practices, fetishes or kinks, adult hobbies, gear, devices, toys, etc.   My bad for not reading the Terms of Use/Service or at least Googling "grindr censorship" (TRY IT HERE) before installing the p.o.s.

To my recently formerly new-found ex-grindr buddies, I bid you adieu - parting is such sweet sorrow.

So is there no "uncensored" hook-up hunting app out there? And if not, why?  Certainly there are kinky developers, kinky companies willing to put up the dough and kinky subs (subscribers, get your mind outta the gutter!) willing to download and run the apps, so where is the supply side of the equation?

Anybody got any suggestions? an app they're using and like, or an app in development in need of a beta tester?  I want pics, I want to search and sort geographically and by vital stats (age, at the bare minimum) and it would be helpful if there's a link to deeper content (extended profile, picture gallery, social media or webpage/blog link) allowable or built-in.  It doesn't even have to have built-in messaging, if it would just interface with AIM/Yahoo IM or native sms messaging in my phone.

Am I demanding? Hell yes, sometimes.  Do I get what I want? You bet, every time (eventually).