Friday, July 29, 2011

SockGagged Flashback: Dakota & a bud

SockGagged Flashback: Hunter Roped & Worked Over

 Hunter was a handsome, masculine buddy of Ethan's who came by the house on several occasions to get his athletic bod all tied up in various predicaments and worked over.  He turned out to be pretty tough - takes a good deal of abuse to get much protest out of him.

 ...oh, and he's got a nice ass :)
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Barbarian in Bondage - My Hopes for the Conan Re-Boot

I gotta say, the world of sword-n-sandal epic has been sorely hurting lately...maybe it was the horrific flop that was Prince of Persia that cooled the market for such stuff, or maybe it was the eyebrow-raising comedic antics of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in his last outing as the Scorpion King that is deflecting any serious interest away from truly epic warrior swordsmen action films, but the material has been lacking.

Compared to the all-out media blitzes for films like Super 8, Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America and even Cowboys and Aliens so far this year, I'm not sure what to think about the Conan the Barbarian re-boot coming out in only a couple weeks with comparatively little marketing, so far anyway.

One towering beacon of hope, however, is Conan's lead, gargantuan stud, Jason Momoa.  He's really filled out since his Baywatch: Hawaii days...

SockGagged Flashback: Cole Tied & Molested

Lean blond Cole is one of Ethan's younger jock buddies and found himself tied up and worked over in a handful of Ethan's vids.  Cole's boyish looks and tendency to whimper and struggle alot made him pretty popular on the SockGagged site.

SockGagged Flashback - Ethan Restrained & Abused

Presenting an all-time favorite BDSM victim: Ethan from SockGagged...homespun bondage between Ethan and his other young jock buddies in the backwoods.  Ethan was frequently tied, edged and milked, gutpunched, nipple tortured, flogged and tickled.