Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What is Hollywood *Really* Selling - Buff Chris Evans in the Buff, Bloody Kellan Lutz

Not sure what to make of this, but the search query "Chris Evans nude" (and, less frequently "Chris Evans in bondage") has been popping up in my blog stats readout lately...

Of course, Chris Evans is the same super-soldier stud who came out on top in my "Hollywood Movie Studs in Bondage" poll (to figure out who everybody wants to see in bondage, of course!) and the release of Captain America, I'm sure, helped bump up his overall searches: i.e. "chris evans shirtless", "chris evans workout", "chris evans captain america" - hell, even the typical "chris evans gay" and "chris evans alien" queries probably spiked in the last two weeks. (no dis to Chris Evans' hot and gay brother, Scott Evans, apparently on One Life to Live and who Chris describes as "taller and tanner" than he is...YES PLEASE!)

Hot Hump-Day Craigslist Story

The stud over at Breeding Jock keeps a tidy pic clutter, video clips, distracting banner ads.  Just little snippets here and there peering into his psyche, polls on sexy subjects, etc.

...and then there was this post:

Craigslist Hookups Can Be Successful

and I wasn't sure if I would get a recap of sexy ads found recently, or a quick blurb about a recent foray into the seedy underbelly of craigslist "sex with no strings attached" ads or what.

I dunno what to think.

Read for yourself


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DeathGames in the "Arena" - Kellan Lutz Abducted, Tortured & Forced to Fight

Hats off to my favorite non-kinky blog  Io9 for bringing my attention to this little doozy of a flick with the headline:  "Watch Samuel L. Jackson Kidnap Young Men and Make Them Fight to the Death"
The new movie, Arena (October 2011) is about a madman who kidnaps fit young alpha-male types and forces them to fight in online death matches.  It's been compared to an updated Spartacus: Blood and Sand or a low-tech Gamer but all I really care about is that it stars hollywood uber-stud Kellan Lutz (Twilight, Immortals, 90210, etc.) as David Lord, a particularly athletic firefighter, who's kidnapped and tortured into taking part in these ongoing webcast death-matches against other presumably coerced studs.