Thursday, May 01, 2014

SlowTeasingHandJobs Weekend Wank - A Tale of Two Brothers

Alright, so I totally think Rich at SlowTeasingHandJobs is reading my mind...I was, uh, doing research earlier in the week about my next STHJ post and thought I would cover "College Boy Mike" in his numerous teasing, edging and milking visits along with his sexy brother Nick, who's appeared alongside his brother as well as solo, and what does Rich post for his end-of-week update? Why, a fresh clip of Nick getting tied to Rich's massage table and getting a frustratingly S L O W, toe-curling handjob/blowjob combo.
It all started with Mike.  Mike has a broody tough-guy-pledges-a-fraternity look about him, more of a recreational jock build (as opposed to a gymrat, twink, thug etc.) and has to concentrate hard not to let himself enjoy having his cock manhandled and milked.