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When debating with your budget, remember most of these memberships work out to a couple bucks a week - skip a latte or a beer a couple times a month (or consider the price of a movie ticket lately) and spend some quality time at home with the guys instead ;-)

 - this is my go-to for sexy young guys being molested, used, taken advantage of and otherwise teased, tickled and/or milked into submission.  Rich has a penchant for picking out dudes with a definite rough-trade quality about them (though I suspect most of them are dancers and escorts, or aspiring to be) and the occasional niche model (really skinny twinks, huge bodybuilders, muscle daddies, stocky/football player types, furry guys and blue collar average joes).  Uncle/Daddy Rich might not be your cup of tea, being an older, larger-build guy, but just think of yourself as a fly on the wall to a porn audition, the boss taking advantage of a new hire, or a pervy older guy having his way with impressionable college jocks in need of guidance and a firm hand.  He does sometimes let the models loose on one another and his right-hand-stud Scott has played kinky big bro to most of the models in Rich's absence.

Rich cranks out several new vids a month and also re-releases clips previously only available as pay-per-download (clips4sale) or on DVD (formerly abusedformoney.com).  Rich manages to bring in fresh faces on a regular basis, but also manages to lure former models back in after sometimes prolonged absences from the site.  The bondage and cinematography have an amateur simplicity to them that *I* appreciate, but guys used to a slicker presentation might not go for.  All of the SlowTeasingHandJobs current material is in HD or near-HD quality and at least 10 minutes long (though some clips go for much longer) and most of Rich's old content has been re-edited and re-mastered to fit the format of his new site.
** As a side note, if you like tickling, this is also a site for you, though it might not appear as such on first glance.  Rich started out doig ALOT of tickling when he first got going, but managed to carve a niche for himself doing teasing/edging/milking scenes and spanking/paddling storylines.  He says he's still interested in the tickling content, but the willing models are fewer and further in between and there's an ACTIVE underground for pirated tickling clips that cuts into their profitability (if you've ever downloaded a free tickle clip from a torrent or sharing site, you've helped contribute to the lack of diversity in that particular niche) **

 - this is a site with a pretty narrow focus but depth of content.  If you like your JO material to have something of a plot or back-story, this is the site for you.  The scenarios tend to focus on fit young guys (from lean-tight twinks to big muscular meat-heads) who find themselves in some sort of bondage predicament or another.  The scenarios cover hazing, kidnapping, extortion and submission roleplays involving specimens of  PRIME USDA ALL-AMERICAN BEEF bound and worked over against their will.  While most of the stories have a threat or implication of sexual assault as a theme, only about 2/3 to 3/4 of them actually involve the "victim" cumming.

Activities range from rip-stripping, predicament bondage and "stress positions" to spanking and paddling, cock and ball torture, nipple play, muscle worship, cock teasing/edging and forced milking, sodomy with foreign objects and pec/ab pounding and slapping.  Some of the story-lines are pretty entertaining and the producers make an effort to change-up the setting and costumes, and almost all of the scenarios are spread out over multiple installments (e.g. 1) guy wakes up restrained and gagged in his clothes and assailant emerges to manhandle his bound form 2) guy's clothes are forcibly ripped or cut off of him, he is further manhandled, probed, explored, worshipped, oiled and/or slapped around 3) now fully naked guy realizes his predicament, makes an effort to fight his way loose and/or plead for mercy and is sexually assaulted relentlessly until the assailant is satisfied)  The bondage is more believable and looks more restrictive and less comfortable than other mainstream porn that "dabbles" in bdsm themes, but not as complex or intense as BDSM-centric sites.

 - Originally the URL of the main site covering all of the above, the family of sites has since (wisely) been split up by genre.  You will see some of the same models from StraightMenInTrouble and SlowTeasingHandJobs appear in these scenes, but this site now focuses solely on spanking and paddling sessions.  The same slabs of beef and lean young jocks who were molested or kidnapped and abused in previous sessions are here stripped down (or ordered to strip!) thoroughly inspected (some are forced to exercise, perform chores or flex in the nude, others are publicly bathed or bound and put on display for guests) and then bent over and spanked or paddled.

Open-hand spanking is complemented by hairbrush, paddle, flogger, riding crop and rod.  Some of the spankings are over the knee, others are of the model forced to stand against a wall, bent over a piece of furniture or, my favorite, tied in some compromising position.  The abuse is very real on this site, most of the models finish with red lashes and welts, some struggle and fight to dodge the blows, others hold their ground and strain to maintain their composure and still others sob openly and beg for mercy.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but if corporal punishment is your thing, then you'll definitely appreciate the material here.  Like Rich's other sites, ReluctantYoungMen also spins episodic tales where you can follow the progression of a helpless young jock from his cocky introduction to his last pathetic sob, spread out over a series of clips (average is about 3 clips to a series, many are longer, a handful are shorter)

  - Just about the best niche fetish site out there.  There's an excellent diversity of very sexy models (from fresh young twinks to big beefy bruisers) to pick from, and they've been in business a LONG time, so there are ample archives of photoshoots and vids to rummage through.  MyFriendsFeet also includes extensive free galleries, sample clips of the vids you can download (or buy on DVD) and sections for members pics, stories and personal ads.
MyFriendsFeet has the distinction, for me anyway, of creating some now-iconic fetish furniture.  They were doing SO MUCH tickling of strong and fiesty jocks that they built their own bondage furniture to ensure guys would stay fully restrained during the tickling shoots.  They started with the bondage chair, a blocky, sturdy wooden chair with a rigid board extending out from the seat to which the subject's legs and ankles could be secured (usually shrink-wrapped and taped down) and heavy enough that it didn't move with the model's struggles.  When the guy's arms are cuffed together and pulled straight up over his head, hung from a hook in the ceiling, his ribs and pits are deliciously exposed for some deep dark tickle exploration, and there's nada he can do to stop the onslaught.  They later created the tickling table...basically a padded massage table with strategic holes sliced through it through which were anchored padded restraint straps, securely restraining big jocks by their wrists, ankles, thighs and biceps.  Muscle boys don't break the tickling table - it breaks them.  MyFriendsFeet updates twice every week with new guys in either muscle worship, foot worship or tickling shoots and video clips (they throw in the occasional cock-teasing or milking sessions too) and has a VIP section with additional material every week and access to bonus sites (like Achilles Heel Art for regular updates of kinky drawings).

A year's membership to MyFriendsFeet breaks down to less than $1.75 per week - I don't know about you, but I lose more than that in the couch cushions...


 - The bondage is great, featuring some amazing ropework and they're not afraid to use REAL & PROPER cuffs, gags, mitts and chains on the models (any fetish model worth his pay should be willing to walk away with some ropeburn - the nature of the biz!).  Speaking of models, the casting is top-notch.  Great bodies (with a fair mix of hairy vs. smooth) mostly unique to the site (i.e. not the same five porn stars you see EVERYWHERE) and fresh meat coming in the door all the time.  There's a couple brother and cousin and best-friend referral links amongst their stable of models, I just wish they'd share some more of those stories, as each week gives you a couple new photo shoots and high-quality vid clips, but they are very light on the text (other than the models' stats and brief introduction).  This site has an extensive archive, stretching back easily over several years encompassing scores of models with access to the full photo-shoots and video clips probably back to the beginning of the site, or almost.  Also a great site for guys into looking at guys in hot underwear or sporting some sexy tatts - not their main focus, but definitely bonus points there!


- Disrupt. Your. Day. is damn fitting for this site.  Formerly ChaosInAustin back in the late 90's devoted to main dude Brian's penchant for capturing his hot buddies in sexy photos.  He's long since graduated to digital (and HD Video) and continues to build a stable of hot, fresh, young horny dudes who like to show off their bods and cocks and all the sexy things they can do with them.  And when I say continues to build, I mean there's new content every other day and a vast archive of past photo shoots and vid clips stretching back several years.  Proprietor Brian PRIDES himself on finding fresh faces and hot bodies that have never done adult work before - a few slip through the cracks here and there, but his track record is pretty impressive.  So if you like young lean muscle guys with big cocks, this is the place you should be checking out a few times a week.
ChaosMen is also home of the "Edge" series of videos (download, stream or order DVDs).  Now and Edge video shoot is like kink-lite for guys who have trouble being naked and performing in front of other guys, let alone being tied up and worked over.  So Brian eases them in gently with a comfy chair, some soothing sounds (probably porn girls moaning in heat!) and a blindfold (any last wishes? lol) and then ties the guy's wrists and goes to town on him...fondling, manhandling, sucking, probing, etc.  The bondage is laughable, but, if you skip past the part where the dude is getting "tied up" and start watching from about 30-45 seconds in, there's the illusion that the guy is handcuffed or otherwise securely restrained, and therefore that much hotter to watch.  He tries to push the envelope, which usually means experimentation with receiving anal, sucking cock, rimming (these are primarily straight boys, remember) but occasionally he'll get a live one (episodes involving electro toys, choking, role reversal and even liquid latex have featured in the last several weeks).  We even sometimes get graced with outtakes - premature cumshots, funny noises, cute reactions and other things that occasionally compel Brian & company to break the fourth wall and start over again.

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