Want Ads - Finding the Perfect Playmate

I'm not sure if it's out of vanity (I easily fall in love with the right turn of phrase) or if it's sheer laziness, but at some point I started archiving the personal ads I used to lure fit, curious young guys to their BDSM doom.  I figured I'd post a couple choice examples, but also I'll be periodically inserting hot finds from Craigslist, Yahoo groups, forums, etc.  In other words, WATCH THIS SPACE

"Dishing Out Some Discipline - Muscle Jocks for BDSM"
Midtown hotel here, near Penn Station - masc, aggressive/dom hairy-chested midwestern guy looking for some local muscle to have my way with sometime between now and early Thurs. morning.

Get strapped down, stripped, blindfolded and/or gagged and played with and roughed-up til you can't stand it, and then some more. I specialize in breaking guys through cock teasing/edging mixed with cbt, tt, tickling, spanking and/or paddling. Bondage gear (straps, cuffs, rope, tape) gags, blindfolds, clothespins, titclamps, lube and poppers here to keep you all horned up indefinitely. You tell me how long you can play and what your hard limits are and leave the rest up to me. Safe/sane/clean play only. This doesn't have to be about fucking, so if you've got a submissive side, but are concerned about your "top" status or are saving your man-cherry for someone special (awww) I can and will totally work around that.

Last night in town, so let's get down to business....

Be legal age but under 35 (the big bro/little bro dynamic is so much hotter than the daddy/son thing) - you don't have to be pretty or cute but you have to have a nice bod (gymnasts, wrestlers and competitive bodybuilders and fighters are ideal for this level of play - but I'll entertain other types of athletes and builds). Likewise your endowment isn't an issue, so keep your cockshots (unless the rest of your body is in the pic too). Bi, straight, married or partnered or just plain curious guys are fine - this is just between you and me, unless you have a hot buddy you want to bring along to play too. I can't imagine a good reason why you wouldn't have a pic or include it in your first response, but if there isn't a pic, there oughta be a pretty damn vivid description of yourself to make up for it, this IS 2010 after all - how many cameraphones are out there floating around?
I do believe I snagged a couple NYC hotties with that one - bet you wanna see the pics, eh?

"A Kinky Version of Guys Gone Wild"
I'm a kinky masculine dominant voyeur and you're a fit submissive (or curious) exhibitionist (or pair or group of hot young show-offs)...let's make some pics or vidclips of you showing off - flex, exercise, shower, jo. Really appreciate a fit/muscled young dude in bondage or blindfolded/gagged. Then jerk off for me, or I'll jerk or suck you off. Cuffs, toys, poppers and lube here. Wear what you want (boxerbriefs, squarecuts, speedos, boardshorts and singlets are HOT) some beer on ice too if you need some liquid courage, lol

Be fit, under 35 and looking to put on a little show for me (or the camera). If you gotta hot bud who wants to play too, let's make it happen.
It's always spring break somewhere, right?

"Workout After Your Workout"
Any young guys lifting at Club Metro or Club H near Exchange Place in JC wanna come by for a post-workout workout with a masculine kinky white guy visiting on business? Strip, flex/pose, show me what you've been working on, get oiled up, rubbed down, shower off, kick back and rub one (or two or three or four) out or let me help you with that. Expert cock tease and milker here - not sure what I enjoy more, making you beg and work for it, or forcing load after load out of you until you're exhausted - how about both? No recip necessary and no anal.

Bonus points if you're the kinky type into getting ordered around, dominated, bondage, roleplay, or ticklish. Be my age or under, in great shape and willing to go a couple rounds - evening or late night (or even EARLY morning) between now and Monday. Beer, poppers, oil/lube, JO material here. Jogging or biking over directly from the gym will win you extra points too. Hit me with pics and a way to contact you and I'll hit you back ASAP.
There's this fabulous training technique called Dynamic Tension, have you heard of it?...

"your bod, in bondage - young muscle to edge/milk/use and/or abuse"
Looking for some hot young muscle jocks to tie up and play with tonight or in the early morning (or from now 'til then if you're feeling tough)
Bondage with straps, cuffs, tape or neckties, blindfolds, gags, clothespins and titclamps, poppers and lube. Can take pics or vid clips if you're feeling like a show off, or just relish the humilation of being on display....or not. Gotta hot bud, boyfriend or workout pal you want to spend the night tied back to back with (or in a forced 69)? let me know and we can make it happen...

18-30yo jocks are best, gymnasts, swimmers, wrestlers, and competitive fighters and bodybuilders are super, but if you've got some combination of mass and definition it should work. You don't have to be a cute, pretty or even handsome guy, I can put a pillowcase over your head and have my way with you if it comes down to it. Military dudes and blue-collar jocks are a big plus too. Tough/cocky guys can be the most fun to break, but sometimes they bite off more than they can chew, so I'll be straight up with you if you are with me. Safe/Sane/Clean play only, and limits respected. If there are specifics you WON'T do, let me know and I can work around them. If you just want to give me a time limit and leave the rest up to me, that's cool too. If you want to wear jock gear, a uniform or something special while tied, that can be fun too.
"Milking the Young Bull-Jock. Definitely."
pretty straightforward: you're 18-30 (maybe older if you look younger) in great shape (muscle guys are great, gymnasts, wrestlers, swimmers/divers, bodybuilders, competitive fighters and triathletes get first consideration). Maybe you're submissive, maybe you're curious what it would be like to surrender control to a "big bro" who knows the ropes already, maybe you wanna kick back with a few brews and then get "taken advantage of", maybe it starts out as a purely physical game to see if you can get loose from my ropes/cuffs and it turns into something kinky and erotic....you can be straight, married (girlfriend/boyfriend) bi, curious or unsure.

You're definitely gonna get stripped, blindfolded, restrained...maybe gagged or hooded. You're definitely going to have your body used and abused. Your cock is definitely going to get the workout of its life. You may be hot, sweaty, exhausted, maybe sore, but definitely spent and sexually satisfied in the end. We're definitely playing safe and I'll definitely respect your limits, but I definitely want to help you live out some hot fantasies in the process.

Anybody picking up on any trends yet?? 

A Hot Ad I found - kinky jockboy gives a road-map to his hot buttons:
I’m looking for a young aggressive jock type who’s also a voyeur and has a sadistic streak and would get off to watching a few buddies torture and tease me while I’m tightly restrained and completely helpless to stop what’s happening to me. I’m a dominant type and a total exhibitionist. I want you and your buddies first to piss me off, then sexually frustrate me repeatedly for your amusement, and finally top it off by pushing my buttons so hard that you force me to shoot a load and lose our bet that you can’t make me cum. We can negotiate your prize and my punishment. But it should be something I hate enough to make me fight mentally to keep from cumming while your buddies are entertaining themselves making me a sex-crazed animal. And it should be something you all want enough for me to do for you that you’d spend a few hours trying to get it.

What follows is what I would do to me to force my body to shoot a load despite my brain fighting to keep from getting turned on. This is a script I am sure I couldn’t hold out against. I don’t expect anyone to follow it to the letter. But I’m just saying it’s really hard for other guys to jerk me off even when I’m helping them.

I want to be tied standing to a post, or maybe with wrists tied overhead and ankles spread wide so you can get to as much of my body as possible and nothing is protected. Otherwise a chair works well, with ankles tied bent back and up off the floor. Definitely put a gag in my mouth to keep me from talking to you and to make me feel more out of control, and put a blindfold on me so I can’t see what’s coming next or when. If you can find something underneath me to tie off my balls and pull them away from my body, you can put my leather cock ring on me and run a rope through it. If I’m up against a post, you can use rope around my mouth, kind of like a horse’s bit, instead of a gag, and tie it to the post so I have to keep my head up and against the post.

Maybe go to work first on my cocky attitude with some light flogging, punching on my pecs and abs, clothespins on my tits – anything a little painful just to piss me off, see what kind of reaction you can get, make me start to sweat and breathe hard, make me flex my muscles reflexively and throw me mentally off balance.

After pain, pleasure will be more welcome – which is exactly how you want to fuck with my head so you can win our bet. Give my body a little time with no stimulation to resensitize. Then surprise me – since I can’t see anything -- with very light touches down my sides, back, legs and arms. Run lightly up the insides of my legs, but stop just short of my balls and dick so that I’ll be practically begging someone to touch me there by the time you finally do. Then try lips, tongue and teeth, with very light sucking, on my nipples and see what kind of reaction you get. If you tied me standing kind of spread wide and up on my toes, you should be able to scratch the bottom of my feet lightly too and see if that gets a response. Only after you’ve had fun with all those areas should you move to very light scratching on my balls. I also love to have the skin around my asshole spread open with a couple fingers and then the middle finger used to scratch up in there, again very lightly. Experiment, and watch the reaction when you get it right, even though I’m fighting not to let you see you found a weakness. And when you want to ramp it up yet another notch, use a tongue on the balls and asshole instead of fingers.

If you have a few buddies to help, I should start coming unglued when you start to hit two and three of those buttons all at once. You’re not touching my dick at all still, so there’s no way I can cum from all this. But it still will feel really, really good. When you get bored with it and I’m all breathing heavy and sweating and worked up again, take another break and let my body resensitize.

The next thing you could hit me with is this vibrating hand massager I bought at the drug store. Plug it in, put it up against my dick right under the head, and then turn it onto the slow speed. You can try different ways of holding it against my dick and kind of rocking it back and forth and side to side to see what gets the biggest involuntary reaction. And then start adding all the other stuff you were doing to my nipples, balls and asshole, first light scratching, then tongue. Somewhere along the way turn the vibrator to high speed. With all this stuff going on, it is possible to make me cum. But it always requires time, patience and consistency to get a load out of me, and I go apeshit when I cum, so there is no way you will possibly make it happen accidentally before know you’re close.

If you’re getting bored and want to get it over with sooner, just stick with the vibrator. It never gets tired, and it does work if somebody uses it right and consistently. But if you’re really getting off to the show and want to keep it going, you can play with the vibrator until you hear me swearing and fighting to keep from shooting. At some point, there will be a change from defiance to actual panic as I realize I’m totally fucked. Some time around there would be a good time to take another break and let me resensitize for the grand finale.

The last phase is just getting out a big bottle of lube and using plenty of it to jerk me off, making sure you hit the spot under the head on every stroke. You can start slow, then speed up, and then slow down gradually as you see me getting more and more panicked. But the key is just a consistent stroke with plenty of lube, so that I know what I’m feeling is going to keep up pretty much without changing until I cum. Somewhere along the way here, you can put a toy up my ass if you want. Just make sure not to fuck me with it by shoving it in and out. That will turn me off instantly and help me win our bet. Stick it in and leave it until you’re ready to take it out. But once you put in a toy, you need to leave something at least that big in there until I cum to keep the stimulation level from going down. And when it finally happens, there will be lots of cursing and moaning and a huge geyser. Once I coached a guy on how bring me off while I was tied up, and that orgasm lasted at least 60 seconds. It was incredible.
 What's not to like about that scenario??